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The Brando

Hidden away at the heart of the Pacific Ocean, a body of water large enough to hold the landmass of every continent and island combined, can be found one of the planet’s best kept, and most luxurious secrets.

Just north of Tahiti and the Windward Islands, part of the Society Island archipelago of French Polynesia, lies Teti’aroa – an exquisite island paradise as beautiful as it is remote. This tiny and idyllic atoll, made-up of 12 emerald islets framing a tranquil lagoon of perfect turquoise, has for many centuries held a special place in Polynesian history and culture. Certainly, it is easy to see how Tahtitian royalty, and more recently one of the greatest actors in Hollywood history, Marlon Brando, became so enamoured with Teti’aroa that he once said: “Teti’aroa is beautiful beyond my capacity to describe. One could say that Teti’aroa is the tincture of the South Seas.”

The Brando, Teti’aroa’s world-famous luxury eco-resort, is a tribute to the great man himself, who for many decades retreated to Teti’aroa to escape the stress and excess of Hollywood fame. After arriving on the island while filming Mutiny on the Bounty, Marlon Brando immediately fell in love with Teti’aroa and its sun-kissed tranquility, and a few years later in 1967 he bought the island outright and set about transforming it into his own private paradise.

The Brando Resort, a sumptuous tropical retreat which combines luxury with environmental sustainability, is Marlon Brando’s legacy, and the realisation of his vision to safeguard the future of Teti’aroa after his passing. Located on one of the largest of the atoll’s twelve islets, Motu Onetahi, the resort features 35 ultra-luxurious beachside villas that incorporate a contemporary blend of 21st century modern chic and authentic Tahitian character. Surrounded by coconut palms and blue skies, these secluded thatched villas are subject only to the gaze of the stars above, and the perfect place for the weary to relax in self-imposed splendid isolation.

In the years running up to his death, Marlon Brando worked tirelessly to realise his vision for Teti’aroa as a resort which offered guests a taste of the closest thing to an earthly paradise that can be achieved by the hands of man and nature. In this regard, The Brando is a worthy legacy. Accessible only by private plane, the resort, with its rich abundance of activities, fine Polynesian cuisine, and breath-taking natural beauty offers guests plenty to see and do during their stay. Guests can snorkel or dive with tropical fish, sail in the lagoon, paddle board to a neighbouring island, kayak gently above coral gardens, stroll the long stretches of beach, enjoy a guided or unguided marine, bird, cultural or other excursion, or simply spend a day in the spa and wellness centre.

The Brando is an exclusive and wonderful hidden jewel – a place where royalty and former United States Presidents meet, as they come to escape the chaos and gaze of the modern world. Even if only once, be sure to add the Teti’aroa to your list of places to visit one day. There truly are few other places in the world quite like it.

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