Stay healthy while working 10 hours a day

How to stay healthy with crazy working hours, not get fat, manage to have an ongoing social life, spend time with your family, etc. are just some of the questions we keep asking ourselves yet we seem unable to get the proper answer. There’s always something in the way, right? Right. BUT, not all is lost. Since I myself spend most of my day at work (the number of hours has even gone to 18 hours per day, believe it or not) I needed to find an effective way to keep me upbeat yet healthy and functional. This is what I’ve come up with and tried it on myself first, then my friends adopted it and it’s sort of our mantra now. Hopefully, it’ll help you, too!

  1. Know yourself

This may sound a bit silly and maybe even too vague, but when you think about it – it’s the best advice you’ll ever get. To succeed in anything you first need to learn your limits, abilities, what you can or cannot do. Wishful thinking is one thing. Putting effort into something, a completely another… but being yourself for who you are and what you can is the best thing ever. When you know your strengths you know what to use them for and how to steer them in the right direction. So, before deciding you are renewing your gym membership “starting tomorrow” or “eating no sweets” be sure you can actually go through with it. There is nothing wrong with being unable to do something. You’ll do it in moderation instead and get great results either way! Plus, once you learn who you are, you’ll be at peace with yourself – and there is nothing healthier than that!

  1. Breakfast and dieting

Usually when you go on a certain diet plan, you get a set of things you can and cannot eat. “Have 3 egg-whites, 2 toasts and an orange” for breakfast, they’ll say. I say you don’t. Listen to your stomach. You’ve lived with yourself for so many years and you know exactly!

image 2

What your stomach can digest in the morning. This is what I do (and it got me 14 pounds down):

  • Make a lemonade with a glass of hot water and one whole lemon, and drink it before you drink or eat anything else in the morning
  • Oatmeal topped with yogurt and any type of dried berries (I eat raspberries) /before coffee
  • Black coffee (no sugar) /obviously, you don’t have to drink coffee if you don’t want to. If you do, try not to drink it with sugar

Some of my friends would get really hungry after oatmeal so they decided to go with fruit instead (any fruit, really) while others went with a protein breakfast (eggs, bacon, etc)

Don’t ever skip breakfast!

  1. Snacks

image 1

Having two to three snacks during the day is just perfect. Whether it’s two or three you’ll decide depending on when your day starts. These snacks should be fruit (try not to eat fruit after six PM) or nuts (no more than a handful). Also, drinking a lot of fluids is crucial – I’ve discovered cold water (I drink up to 4, 5 liters a day) and tea help me stay energized and not feel hunger so often. Slimming teas are also a great addition to your healthy diet.

  1. Workout

Whoever told you they lost weight without working out, they probably lied. Or, they did lose it yet they’ve remained all flabby and stuff. Working out isn’t “a thing” that will only turn you into a more sexy version of yourself; every workout is a mental sharpener, a way to release all that stress piled up during the day. You simply have to find time to go workout three times a week (you don’t need more than this). Here are your options:

  • Go to the gym near the office, straight after work
  • If you’ve got a home bike or any other cardio machine, workout before work/after work (whenever you think would feel better)
  • If you live in a warm area, go for a jog before/after work (again, choose the time that fits your work schedule best)
  • Walk home from work (if you live semi-close to the office)

Friends training together

Trust me, even if you have to get up an hour earlier (I know how much that extra hour of sleep means, trust me!), it will so be worth it. Sacrifice so little, to gain so much!

There you go my ladies – it’s all it takes! And please forget about the negative attitude of “I can’t” because you so can! You’ve got yourself where you are now – a successful working woman – you can do this, too!

by Andrea Hudson

Twitter: @andreahudson75