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STOP DREAMING… START TRAVELING: The Book That Promises to Change Travel

Forget winning the lottery, forget waiting until next year. You can travel the world now for what it costs to be an armchair traveler and globetrot around the world for a fraction of what others pay.

Russell Hannon shows how you can afford a travel lifestyle in Stop Dreaming… Start Traveling: The Ultimate Guide to Traveling More and Spending Less (Release date: June 24, 2015).

Stop Dreaming… Start Traveling shows travelers, regardless of age, income or lifestyle, how to live out their travel dreams right now. In the book he encourages people to visit destinations that are outrageously inexpensive today while applying lean principles that will one day allow them to visit expensive destinations at a fraction of their current cost.

This is an extreme cost-saving system jam-packed with hundreds of neatly organized travel tips, resources, tools and nuggets of advice. It shows you how to live out your ‘Dream Travel Plan’ using timeless yet unique models to:

Travel five times more on the same budget
Take free trips every year
Beat the best online fare every time
Have a travel lifestyle for the everyday cost of living

Get ready to turbocharge your travel IQ, become an instant travel expert and Break the Travel Barrier.

NO MORE settling for the going rate
FINISHED asking others for travel tips
DONE waiting until you can afford to travel