In memory of Stuart Baggs ‘The Brand’

When Stuart Baggs appeared on the sixth series of BBC’s The Apprentice in 2010, he was just 21 years old – the youngest ever contestant on the show at the time. Full of self-confidence, enthusiasm and a quip for every occasion, Stuart quickly gained a cult following and was one of the most popular and memorable contestants in the show’s history. The news of his death yesterday came as a shock to everyone who knew and loved him.

Stuart was famous for his famous one-liners, and became known as Stuart Baggs ‘The Brand’ for his self-assured attitude. It was a nickname that business executive Claude Littner tore apart in what Lord Sugar’s aide Karen Brady named one of her favourite moments of The Apprentice.

Stuart reached the semifinals, meaning he appeared in every episode of the sixth series of The Apprentice. Along the way, he entertained and charmed thousands of viewers.

Stuart’s best loved quips included “Everything I touch turns to sold” and the baffling “I’m not a one-trick pony, I’m not a 10-trick pony, I’ve got a whole field of ponies, waiting to literally run towards this job”.

True to his word, Stuart was not a one-trick pony, and following his stint on The Apprentice he appeared on numerous entertainment shows such as Pointless and Come Dine With Me. His telecoms company BlueWave, which he founded at the age of 19, went from strength to strength. Just the week before his death he spoke about his passion for his business and the exciting new developments he was planning in an interview with Business News. The interview, which was published the day before the tragic news broke, paints a picture of a hardworking, motivated young man who is looking forward to the future. Speaking about BlueWave’s success, Stuart said, “It gives me a buzz but I always feel there is more to do.”

Lord Sugar led the tributes to Stuart, posting a message on his Twitter account.

Other The Apprentice stars and fans were soon to follow, including controversial contestant Luisa Zissman.

Claude Littner, whose crushing interview with Stuart became such an iconic moment of the show, gave his own heartfelt condolences.

The Sun, who had often reported on Stuart’s antics during The Apprentice, gave its front page to the story, calling Stuart a ‘legend’.

The most emotional tribute comes front Stuart’s sister Charlotte, who shared a touching post on her Facebook page. She descibed her brother as ‘the biggest character’ and ‘the king of following his dreams’, who ‘touched many people’s lives’.

There aren’t many people who won’t remember Stuart with a smile on their face. He was young, funny and driven, and he has left behind the legacy of his business BlueWave, which works to improve broadband, telephone and mobile services across the Isle of Man. But Stuart should have the last word. Speaking in his audition for The Apprentice, he spoke about his drive to succeed.

“I’m alive: there are so many people that aren’t alive or have died, unfortunately. I’m alive; that’s a gift, frankly.”

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