A peek into the life of an Offshore Geotechnical Engineer.

A friend Sean Kilburn is an Offshore Geotechnical Engineer. In short, he travels around the world sorting out issues that affect the companies that supply us with everything from our internet to our fuel. He was kind enough to send me some snapshots from his iPhone just to give us all an idea of what his world is like. “Working on drilling vessels, probing the ground,” he says, “All very arousing.”


Sean with a fish.




Sean explains that due to the nature of the job, his work goes on until the job is finished but generally it’s twelve hours on and twelve hours off every day while offshore. In the middle of the ocean, surrounded by that horizon line, you have to get the job done right because time is money.


Recreation offshore is important.




He does say that crabs can be a problem.







Very important to stay anchored. Sean says.


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