Brittany Ferries sees 78% surge in pet travel in last 8 years

For the seventh year in a row the number of pets travelling on Brittany Ferries has increased. According to latest figures from the cross channel ferry operator, for 2015 they totalled 67,462, up almost 17% on 2014, or more than 78% on 2008 figures.

Year  Pets carried

  • 2008  37,766
  • 2009  39,862
  • 2010  39,918
  • 2011  43,975
  • 2012  51,997
  • 2013  55,174
  • 2014  57,670
  • 2015 67,462

To help those who don’t want to leave Fido behind, the company has announced it has expanded further its range of pet-friendly hotels, campsites, gites, cottages and villas. There are now more than 800 in total on website

Making it easier for travellers, Brittany Ferries also offers a pet-friendly property search option on its website, as well as a section dedicated to pet owners giving hints and tips, information on the pet passport scheme and customers’ testimonials.

Pet friendly cabins are always the first to sell out on Brittany Ferries’ sailings. They come with an attractive and hygienic laminate floor and offer plenty of room for a dog basket.  More kennels have been added too – there are now 114 of these across the fleet – along with open deck walking areas.

In total, there are three options for those wishing to take their pets on holiday with them. As well as pet friendly cabins and on-board kennels, for routes to and from France, there is also the option to carry your pet in the car. There are regular visits to the car decks for owners to check on their loved one.

“Boarding kennels can cost as much as £150 a week in London, and more than £100 a week in outside the capital,” said Christiane Barker, general manager Brittany Ferries holidays. “But aside from the money, there’s the emotional cost of leaving a key member of the family behind. More people want to take the family pet on holiday, particularly as many properties make no charge.”


  • Before 2012, Britain’s pet-passport rules were much stricter than the rest of Europe’s.
  • Animals had to be vaccinated against rabies six months before travelling and have a blood test to prove the vaccine has been effective.
  • Under the new rules, animals need to be vaccinated only 21 days before travelling, and the blood test, for which vets charge up to £100, has been scrapped altogether.
  • All pets still need to be microchipped under the pet passport scheme.
  • Pet-friendly cabins are available from Portsmouth to Le Havre, Bilbao and Santander.

About Brittany Ferries

Brittany Ferries is a passenger car and freight service operating from eleven ports, linking four countries: UK – France, UK – Spain and Ireland – France. The company was set up by a collective of French farmers as a freight-only operator, running from Roscoff in Brittany to Plymouth with the first crossing taking place on 1 January 1973, the date the United Kingdom joined the EEC (forerunner to the EU).

The aim then was to bring French agricultural products to a wider British market. However, the service quickly developed into an operation carrying hundreds of thousands of British tourists, eager to experience the delights of Brittany and Normandy. Today Brittany Ferries is the market leader on the Western Channel for passengers and for freight. It is also a leading supplier of ferry-inclusive motoring holidays to France and Spain.