Why Canada Is A More Attractive Tourist Destination Than The US

Both Canada and the US have a lot in common. They’re both huge countries in North America. They’re both mainly English speaking. They’re both relatively rich. And they both play host to some of the most stunning natural landscapes on Earth. Deciding between which of these countries to visit can be tough.

Today, however, I’m going to make the case for Canada. That’s not to say I know everything on the subject: I don’t. But these are some areas in which Canada excels and the US lags very slightly behind.


The US has about 43 percent more crime than Canada according to and has nearly 2.5 times the murder rate. As such, Canada tends to be a far safer country. As a tourist if you stick to the right areas you should be able to avoid problem spots. But it’s worth keeping in mind that you’re more likely to encounter trouble in the US than in Canada if you stray from the beaten track.

Most of us would prefer it if our wallet was stolen compared to being violently attacked. Theft is about the same as it is in the US, but violent crime is higher. In fact, violent crime is higher in the US than in any other country in the world.

Criminal Convictions

Staying on the same theme, it tends to be easier to get a Canada pardon for criminal convictions in Canada than it is to get a US entry waiver. So if you have a criminal conviction, you might want to try to gain entry into Canada before taking on the US.

Unfortunately, getting a pardon in Canada – or a record suspension as it is now called – does not grant access to the US. So if you want to go to the US, you’ll have to make a separate application.

More Accepting Of LGBT

Canada tends to be more accepting of the LGBT community than their American friends just south of the border. So if you’re part of that community, then you will find Canada more welcoming than the US. According to Pew Research, 80 percent of Canadians accept homosexuality, whereas it is more like 60 percent in America.

Better High Culture

According to Canadians, there is no opera house in North America that can compare to the Four Seasons Centre in Toronto. In 2006, the Four Seasons Centre was commissioned for the performing arts. And it is unlike any other venue in Canada. It hosts opera and ballet performances and boasts some of the finest acoustics in the world.

The Food

Tim Hortons is an international brand with international appeal. No longer is it confined to the malls of Toronto and Montreal. It’s branching out all over the world with huge success.



But if there’s one thing tourists remember from their visits to Canada, it’s the donuts. Canadians love them, and so will you.

If you fancy something that’s more of a main meal, you can pop into a local Harvey’s for a flame-grilled burger, Canadian style. And, yes, they do donuts too.