Eneco Attains Water/Oil Fusion for First Time Via Plasma Fusion Fuel Refiner

Eneco Holdings, Inc. the developer of state-of-the-art emulsion technology, has now succeeded in mixing LSA heavy oil with tap water at a ratio of 50:50 with the use of the next-generation Eneco Plasma Fusion fuel refiner. The results of this breakthrough have been verified through a certified analysis by the Physical & Chemical Analysis Center in Yokohama. This represents a huge step forward for emulsion technology and enables LSA heavy oil to be mixed with tap water at a ratio of 30:70, depending on the state of the water used.

For the Group of Seven (G7) Ise-Shima Summit to be held from Thursday, May 26 to Friday, May 27, Eneco Holdings will host the Lounge G7 communication space for news organizations at the summit site (Shima City, Mie Prefecture), where members of the media from around the world will be provided with details about this technology.