Factory expansion for Pemamek Ltd., Jaakko Heikonen to be new CEO

New facilities enable new automation and welding technologies

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Pemamek Ltd., the leading welding and production automation company, will expand its production premises in Loimaa, Finland. While Pemamek’s global demand is increasing, especially in North America and Europe, and expectations in international markets are looking positive, the investment in new facilities is necessary. The new facilities will enable Pemamek to improve its laser welding solutions and big intelligent robot system deliveries.

– We are prepared to add our capacity due to increased demand of automation. Additionally, according to our new business strategy our goal is to grow, says Pekka Heikonen.

Construction will start in May 2016 and is expected to be ready by the end of the year. The current factory will undergo an expansion of 3 000m². When ready, the total size of the factory building will be 16 000m².

Pemamek Ltd. announces new Chief Executive Officer

The board of Pemamek has named Jaakko Heikonen as the new Chief Executive Officer starting 1st of May, 2016. Heikonen will succeed a longtime CEO, Pekka Heikonen.

Jaakko Heikonen, who holds a Master of Science in Engineering, joined Pemamek more than 10 years ago. Before his new position, Heikonen served as the Vice President for three years. Heikonen highlights the importance of a customer oriented approach and understanding of customer’s needs. When it comes to managing, the new CEO emphasizes open mind, collaboration and the power of example.

– In order to provide a high quality customer service and be successful in what we do, it is essential for us to collaborate in the workplace and embrace each individual’s skills, says the new CEO, Jaakko Heikonen.

Pekka Heikonen continues in the company as a full-time Chairman of the Board. Heikonen has worked in Pemamek for 38 years of which he has served as the CEO and owner for the past 28 years.

The company Pemamek, established in 1970, is a global leader in welding and production automation. The headquarters and modern technically advanced factory are located in the city of Loimaa, Finland. Also, PEMA has Sales Offices in other locations, such as, Russia, Brazil, Germany and Poland, and in the near future will open one in the United States. The company exports over 90% of its annual production. Today, PEMA employs around 150 staff and has revenue of over 40 million euros. PEMA has a strong background in welding automation and by manufacturing Hi- Tech Solutions the company can provide a maximum benefit for its customers.

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Pemamek is a world leading company in the area of heavy welding automation and work-piece handling equipment. The company has been in the market for 40 years and is today supplying to customers globally. Our special areas are production equipment for wind tower and foundation, shipyard and off shore, boiler panels, heavy vehicle industry and other areas where demanding welding automation is required.