Hundreds of jobs lost. Is Ontario Energy’s Future going dark?

Ontario Energy Group ceases all sales activity and terminates sales teams in order to comply with Ministry’s order for immediate compliance. Issue on whether order was appropriate is before the Courts.

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In response to the recent immediate Compliance Order issued by the Deputy Director under the Ministry of Consumer and Business Services Act, and the further actions undertaken by Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, Ontario Energy Group (OEG) has made the most difficult decision to immediately suspend its door-to-door marketing and sales activities.

OEG has decided to take such drastic action as it has become unmanageable both financially and operationally to immediately comply with the Director’s Order.  The decision has come at a great cost to OEG who after 7 years of business has been forced to dismiss its door-to-door sales force and cut its ties with several of its support and technical staff whose roles were to either support sales and direct marketing or perform installations, facilitate logistics, accounting and administrative support related to sales.

Although it will be difficult to preserve the jobs of its employees, agents and affiliates who depend on OEG, OEG will endeavour to preserve as many jobs as possible and to continue to serve its existing client base. The decision will in no way change OEG’s delivery of exceptional services and products and OEG will continue to review its options to ensure that customer satisfaction is guaranteed.