This Is How to Protect Someone in a Nursing Home

Many people worry about choosing a nursing home for a loved one. They might not have the capacity to have any input, or to raise the alarm if anything happens in their new home. As much as we might want all nursing homes to be perfect, everyone is aware of the risk of elder abuse. It’s understandable that anyone would be worried when they face the prospect of having to find a home. However, it’s often for the best, to avoid someone having to give up their life to become a full-time carer. If it’s a decision you have to make, here’s how you can keep your loved one safe.


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Select a Nursing Home Carefully


There are good nursing homes and not so good ones, just like with any other service. Elderly care is improving, so thankfully the poor nursing homes are becoming less common. However, there are still many that are better than others. Selecting the best home is a huge part of keeping a resident safe. You can start by working with a service that could advise you. It might be your local government elderly care service, a charity, or perhaps something else. Talking to people you know can also help you find somewhere. Many people speak to medical professionals they are already in touch with, such as their relative’s GP.


Be Aware of Safety Features and Protocols


When you’re looking for a nursing home, you should know what sort of safety precautions to expect. Firstly, quality staff members are important. Background checks are essential, so make sure that they are performed. You can also ask about qualifications of various staff members. Is there a nurse on site at all times and do other employees have the right training? Other important safety features can include protocols and technology. What safeguards does the home have to prevent residents with dementia wandering away? Do they use alarms and cameras to monitor the whereabouts of residents?


Visit Often and Unexpectedly


Visiting the nursing home is essential if you want to ensure the conditions are good. It’s vital to check up on your relative and make sure they’re being treated well. Of course, it’s also kind to provide some company and enjoyable, if sometimes upsetting, to see them. Many people recommend that you should drop into the nursing home unexpectedly. This might be difficult with some places that have set visiting hours. However, if you can come and go as you please, it may not be necessary to give notice of your visit. The idea is that staff won’t have time to prepare for you and ensure everything looks perfect when it might not be.


What to Do When Things Go Wrong


Even when you try your best, you can’t always prevent things going wrong. If you suspect or can confirm elder abuse, you need to take action. Your first moves could be to go to the police or the adult protective services in your area. You might also want to engage legal representation from a firm such as Cristiano Law. Having a lawyer could help you pursue civil action can cover any damages.


You have to make the effort to find a safe home if you want a loved one to be well looked after. Make it your mission to do thorough research.