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Why Farming Is The Best Career Choice Of 2016

As far as careers go, farming won’t be at the top of the list. Unless you are born into the industry, you don’t have an affinity with farming. The thought of getting up at four o’clock in the morning to stand in manure isn’t a very welcoming one. Plus, the money isn’t great for all the effort they expend on a daily basis. Farming sounds hard, so why would you bother becoming a farmer? The latter might be true, but there are benefits that will make you want to get in on the ground floor.




Unless you live under a rock, you will know that the population is rocketing. At the moment, it is at an all-time high and getting higher. Although the general public doesn’t realize it, there isn’t food for everyone. At an unspecified point in time, this will become a major problem. And, when it does, the world will turn to farmers to help them out of a tricky situation. The people that keep the food industry turning are the farmers that cultivate animals. It isn’t nice, but it is necessary for survival. As a result, the demand for farmers will skyrocket in the coming years. When it does, you will be in a prime position to take advantage.


A direct knock-on effect will be a rise in government subsidies. Even now, farmers can get a government grant to maintain their business. Why? The authorities do it because they understand the role of farmers in society. As the demand for farmers only gets bigger, the subsidies will get even more extreme. Before you know it, you will be able to run your farm with money from external sources only. Don’t think that it will make farming easy because farming takes a lot of hard work and energy. But, the subsidies will provide you with a bigger incentive to work harder. The potential profits on the table will be astronomical within a few decades.




The great thing about farming in 2016 is that you don’t need much to get going. Of course, land and animals are essential. And, land doesn’t come cheap. But, the rest is quite reasonable. As long as you have a couple of Tanner Track Tractors and fleet of cows, you can make the career change. Okay, you won’t see the benefits at this point. However, you will be able to make a living and live comfortably. While you bide your time, the rest of the industry won’t see the changes coming. When they do, you will be in prime position.


And, you don’t have much to lose if the gamble doesn’t payout. At the worst, you will have machinery and animals that are valuable, and a chunk of land. The land will always sell because of the growing population. There aren’t enough properties for every single person, and contractors want to take advantage. For that reason, they will pay a hefty price for a couple of acres of land.


Farming has an incredible amount of potential, and that’s what makes it a great career choice.