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Are You buying Your First Motorbike? Here’s What To Consider

Buying your first motorbike is a big decision and, like a car, you need to think about what you want from a vehicle. Obviously, if you’re buying a motorbike, family isn’t going to be a concern. But there are other factors to consider.

Speed And Power?


If speed and power is important, you are looking at buying a superbike. These cool machines are quite expensive, and you’ll need a full license to ride one legally. The best bikes can travel at around 180MPH and offer incredible thrills. There is a downside though because you’ll be doing about 10MPG which isn’t exactly, efficient.


Easy Lifestyle


If you just want a cheap form of transport to get from A to B, you may want to purchase a moped. It’s easy to ride a moped, and they are the perfect city lifestyle vehicle. You’ll be able to zip to and from work with no hassle. Just make sure that the distance you want to travel isn’t too great. If it’s more than twenty miles a Moped might not be the best option.


The Coolest Ride


If you want the coolest bike on the market, that’s still the Harley Davidson. This lowrider is a classical king, and the engine makes a tremendous sound as you cruise down the motorway. Harleys are classed as lightweight bikes, so you need to be 17 or older to ride one. You will also need a full restricted license.


You’ll find more details about this license and the other two on the infographic below.




Infographic Designed By Bikesure Motorbike Insurance