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Building Projects To Last: Degla CFM

Led by CEO Eng. Medhat El Dewary, Degla CFM offers professional construction project management services that are tailored to the size and complexity of any given project and backed by a corporate commitment of total quality management.

The company Degla CFM brings substantial management resources to all phases of construction project management, from identification, definition, development and planning to completion and closeout. With a keen understanding of how projects demand precise planning, experience, teamwork and expertise, they are able to provide a comprehensive outlook on every project from preliminary studies to planning, design, and finally construction.

We spoke with Deputy CEO – Facility Management & Technology, Ahmed Maged Hosny, regarding what his company does and what it stands for.

“We began in 2007 as a professional construction project management firm, committed to excellence and client satisfaction,” he explains, “And our comprehensive services are a natural extension of our experience and core skills.”

Managing the construction process, according to Hosny, the process that Degla CFM rely on is more than merely keen overseeing. As said above, with a hands on approach, they manage the conceptual design phase throughout the project, carrying it through cost and budget controls, scheduling, estimating and expediting. It is as much about people management and so, on behalf of the client, they manage the swathe of contractors, subcontractors and suppliers required to make any construction project a success.

It is more than merely satisfying the client’s needs at stake here, after all. Degla CFM has built itself a reputation over the last nine years and this is down to taking on projects as if they were their own and building them as if their name was at stake. This is very much the case of course, because the construction industry is led by the reputable businesses capable of not only completing by target time but also, more importantly, being able to do so within budget and as efficiently and as smoothly as possible.

“We utilise our insight on behalf of our clients to proactively implement correcting and preventing actions to deliver a comprehensive project package and ensure your project is completed on time, to budget and to the required quality level,” he attests.

30-years of experience in the construction sector

It is apparent that the senior staff members of the company benefit from more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry and thus hold detailed knowledge and understanding of the contracting process. Experience is everything in the construction industry, Hosny tells us, “Our project management teams are built from people with the necessary backgrounds, qualifications and experience – be it related to quality, architecture, managerial, structural, civil, mechanical, electrical engineering, IT, or quantity surveying,”

While it may appear that the main thrust of the company is punctual and satisfactory completion of projects this is not at the expense of their employee safety. Great measures are taken to ensure that their onsite staff are well versed and adherent to all safety regulations for that particular locale and that personal protection for oneself and for others is at the forefront of their minds. Risks are never worth it in the construction industry and every accident that has caused injury or death can be traced back to someone taking an unnecessary chance. These are not even careless risks. In the same way that experience can be valuable in this industry, it can also be a danger. Some workers spend so much time on sites that they believe they know what can happen and are likely to take risks because they’ve taken similar ‘little’ risks in the past, but luck runs out faster on a site than anywhere else.

“On every project, workers are valuable and are the life blood of this industry. It doesn’t pay to take risks and we would rather be late on a project than be unsafe.”

This actually ties in well with their vision to become one of the reputable multinational companies in the field of project management in the local and global market, as a reputation for safety and fairness attracts the necessary workers.

“It is our mission to offer our clients an outstanding accomplishment for the process of project management in the field of construction management,” Hosny says, “You can’t do that without the workers believing you’ll keep them safe.”

Total quality management

At their core, Hosny says, is the belief that total quality management is the only way to achieve the desired level of quality for their service. Lending credence to this is that the Degla CFM Board of Directors is a distinguished group of leaders with proven track records in various lines of business. This plays an active role in determining the growth and direction of the company.

The Board of Directors meet quarterly to review the company objectives and overall strategic business plans and to deal with various areas of corporate governance, which include all the aspects of the company. While the Board is responsible for the leadership and control of the company it has delegated authority for the management of the company, through the Chief Executive, to the executive management, which includes Ahmed Maged Hosny, who is also a member of the board.

Degla CFM considers quality as an ever present element, hence they see it as their priority task to satisfy and even exceed customer expectations by delivering the quality level that their clients expect from them. To achieve this properly they have implemented a Total Quality Management System that can assure continuous improvement and maintain a sustainable amount of growth, “Our system is designed to fulfill the ISO 9000:2000 requirements as well as the ISO 10006:2003 project management guidelines,” Hosny says, “Our approach to providing our customers with an outstanding service is based on the profound knowledge we have gathered and the empowerment of our employees.”

After all, history is detailed and decorated with buildings from the past. Perhaps future generations will look upon Degla CFM’s projects and marvel at their remarkable beauty and longevity.