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How to Afford a Summer Home Improvement

Summer is the perfect season to pursue a DIY home improvement project or pay professionals who can help you remodel your home to increase its value. But home improvements don’t typically come easily or affordably, so you’ll need to prepare for the challenge. Continue reading to learn more about how you can afford a summer home improvement project and get the results that you want without breaking the bank.

Take Out a Loan

In the same way that you took out a loan to purchase your home, you can also take out a loan to afford your home improvement project, particularly if the project will be an expensive one. For example, if you’re planning on adding an extension onto your property or you’re going to be installing an in-ground pool, you may not have the money saved up for such a project. In that event, finding a great loan with an affordable interest rate from places like is really your best bet at getting what you want.

Use Your Savings

If you aren’t a fan of taking out a loan in order to fund your summer home improvement project, look to your savings account instead. In this way, you can simply take the money that you’ve saved up over time and invest it right back into your home. This is a wise choice because your home improvement project will inevitably increase the value of your home, so you’ll end up making the money back when you’re ready to sell. Plus, when you take the money out of your savings account, you only have to worry about paying yourself back. As long as you make enough money each month to pay off your bills and put some money aside in your savings account, you can take this route and be confident in your ability to fund your project and pay yourself back over time.

Save Money by Doing the Work Yourself

If you avoid hiring professional contractors to complete your summer home improvement project for you, you can save quite a bit of money. This will ultimately translate to having to take out less money from your savings account, or taking out a much smaller loan. However, you’ll need to be absolutely certain that you’ll have the know-how to complete the project on your own, and that you’ll be able to access the supplies and resources you need. Taking the DIY route will also likely take more time than hiring pros, so be sure to budget your time accordingly as well.

Use Your Credit Cards

Another option, particularly for those who don’t wish to take out loans, is to put all of the charges related to your home improvement project on your credit card. Provided that you have a high enough credit limit and a low enough interest rate, this could be a very affordable path.

By following the helpful tips above, you can determine the best route to take to afford any summer home improvement project. Once you’re done, you’ll be happy to see that your hard work paid off.