This Incredible New Tech Has Changed The Production Industry Game

Do you ever think about how the products that you use every day were made? For instance, you’re probably looking at a computer screen or tablet right now. Ever wondered what processes are involved in putting all the little bits and pieces together. Truth be told, it’s probably not one process at all. Despite what you may think, laptops aren’t built in the same factory. Instead, different companies take individual pieces that fit together.

Or, how about your iPhone that you carry around in the pocket? How much money do you think it costs to make one iPhone? Most people guess one hundred, but you need to divide that number by ten. That’s right, the original production costs of your iPhone was only ten pound or about seven dollars. How can such an elaborate item be so cheap to make, we hear you ask? Well, that’s all to do with the new tech used in factories all over the world.


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In the nineties, we were fascinated and amazed by the world of microchips. Almost every nineties science fiction film based a crazy idea around the use of a microchip. One of the best and most preposterous was Small Soldiers. It imagined that putting a microchip in a toy would make it come to life and have a sentient thought. Cool idea but nowhere near the truth. Almost everything that you use has a microchip in it these days. From your TV, your laptop your phone and your car. Now, there’s a new type of processor that’s far smaller and more powerful. It’s already being used in factories internationally to make processes easier. Experts believe that one day an entire factory could function by the processes of a single chip.




This brings us to the next idea that has propelled the industry forward. That’s automation or the ability to complete processes without any human interaction involved. Rather than having workers load and unload the materials, everything is automatic. There are a lot of processes that are now completed with automation.  Manufacturers use products from Reliant Finishing Systems and other companies. Automation is the way forward for manufacturers, particularly in bigger business. There has been controversy over bigger businesses setting up factories where there are poor manual labor laws. What’s better than an underpaid worker? No workers in your factory at all.


New Processes


In the past, every piece of tech that was produced from a factory looked the same. It was big, bulky and tended to be a cube or cuboid in shape. Now, you can get the tech in different shapes and sizes with little, tiny details. Lines cut into the surface with curved and jagged ages. Machinery and tech has improved to allow this type of precision. We can now make items that look remarkable, ripped straight from a sci-fi movie. It is true to say that changes in the production industry have shaped the way style, and interior fashion has evolved.


These are just some of examples of the incredible pieces of tech that has revolutionized factories across the world.


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