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Awesome Industries You Probably Never Knew Existed

Think you know everything there is to know about business and industry? Think again! There are some industries out there that are so niche; hardly anyone knows that they exist. And yet the businesses and companies who work in them help in some very important sectors. Here are some awesome industries that you probably never knew existed.




Mobile Gas Stations


Remember when you had to drive around looking for the nearest gas station? Well, that is no longer a problem for motorists! There is now a mobile gas station service that will come out to drivers and their cars. It’s kind of like Uber. But instead of requesting a car to pick you up, you request someone to bring you some fuel to fill up your own car with. All you need to do is use the company’s app to request the service. You can leave your car parked. Make sure the fuel cap is off, though! By the time you return, your tank will be full and ready to go!


Solid Liquid Separation


Some industrial companies who work with a variety of organic materials require the removal of suspended solids. This needs to be removed from various liquids, including slurry. They can’t do this themselves, so they request the service of a company that specializes in filter press separation. Most of these firms work on an industrial scale to filter bio sludges and liquids. It’s not a very glamorous job, but someone’s got to do it!


Mystery Online Marketplaces


Do you have some spare cash to spend, but aren’t too sure what to buy? You can always spend it on one of the internet’s many mystery marketplaces. It’s perfect for people who love surprises. You buy an item for a certain amount of money but aren’t told what it is you’ve bought. In fact, you won’t find out until it arrives in your letterbox! You might get anything including jewelry, electronic equipment, and chocolates.




Marijuana Farmers


Seeing as some of the USA’s states have now legalized marijuana, there is now a high demand for marijuana farmers. These farmers grow the plant and harvest it. Many of them started off as growing the plant illegally before it was legalized. Since then, they have turned the hobby into their full-time career and can make a viable living off it.


Cool Hunter


Every year there seems to be trends and fads. It can be pretty tricky to forecast exactly what will be the next big thing to take the country by storm! However, someone has to do it. And these cool hunters are in high demand right now. Businesses want to try and get one step ahead of trends and fashion so that they can always be ahead of the curve. Think you know what’s going to take everyone by storm? This could be the job for you!


Hopefully, you’ll now be feeling very enlightened after reading this blog post. You may have even discovered your next big career move to get the job of your dreams!