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Is Australia Becoming The Place To Be For Engineers?



Engineering is arguably one of the greatest business sectors to work in. It has to potential to offer fantastic financial rewards and provides longevity unlike most others. Furthermore, for people who are that way inclined, it can be an extremely satisfying day job too.

The industry plays a vital role in every country. But from an engineer’s perspective, there’s nothing wrong with being a little selfish. Seeking the best solution for those individual needs, and those of the family should always be a priority.

Australia has carried huge significance for many generations, but is it now becoming the ideal place for engineers? Let’s take a closer look.


Education provides the building blocks for progress in all industries. Those sentiments ring even truer when it comes to engineering, and the Australian system is a remarkable one. Whether it’s studying for a Masters in the field or taking courses on health and safety in the field doesn’t matter. You’re guaranteed to receive a positive experience in Oz.

The Australian system doesn’t just teach the theory. It’s focused on teaching practical skills that give graduates the best chance of achieving great things in the real world. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that foreign students flock to the country for their educational needs too.


Above all else, courses offer far better value for money than the UK and other costly locations.


For new graduates and experienced engineers alike, seeking the best career opportunities is top of the agenda. With the economy heading in the right direction, Australia is certainly one of the better countries to be working in right now. Meanwhile, the sheer size of the land means that there will never be a shortage of vacancies either.

For many aspirational engineers, working for an employer isn’t the best option. Starting a business can open up a whole world of new opportunities. Previously owned facilities from the Burns Equipment Group allow startups to source those items on a budget. Meanwhile, the volume of graduates means that staffing can often be conducted in a less expensive manner. Moreover, those graduates often have the most up to date skills.

Whether it’s working a normal career, or starting a business, Australia is a great place to work. The good news for migrant workers is that the skills will make it a lot easier to secure working visas too.

Financial Rewards

Let’s not kid ourselves; money is the primary incentive for any worker. After working hard to gain the qualifications to succeed, it’s not simply a case of finding a job that matters. You need to find a job that pays well.

The engineering industry is one that does. A civil engineer, for example, can expect to make upwards of $60,000. Moreover, management and supervisory jobs pay an average of just under $150,000. That’s some serious money to be earning, especially given the enjoyment that those roles can offer.

That’s not to say that other countries don’t offer great payment structures to engineers. However, Australia certainly holds its own on this front. It’s just one of the reasons that it’s a great country for workers in this sector to choose.



Workers from all industries need a helping hand from time to time. Engineers certainly do. And Australia boasts a fantastic network of support that all entrepreneurs and employees can benefit from.

The Engineer Australia group can connect employees to over 100,000 members from all sub-sectors of the industry. Meanwhile, the growth of technology has enabled businesses to work with people from all over the world. In previous generations, this one one element that hindered Australian workers due to the distance. Nowadays, though, international relations are more accessible than ever.

Whether it’s support from inside the sector, or growing external opportunities doesn’t matter. The Australian market has never looked better.


A rewarding job is one thing, but it’s only one part of leading a happy life. Perhaps the biggest selling point of choosing an engineering career is that you get to live in Australia.



The climate alone is an important feature. It doesn’t impact every sector of the engineering industry. But adverse weather can cut into productivity levels in some areas. Losing out on money due to elements you can’t control is easily the most frustrating thing that any entrepreneur can experience.

Meanwhile, the housing situations and leisure life opportunities add to the appeal of working in Australia. The country is definitely a leading candidate for most engineers. Given that the industry continues to thrive, that statement is unlikely to change anytime soon.