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What Do You Do When Your Personal Problems Threaten Your Work?

Work you and “you” you – they’re very different people, aren’t they?

The you that is a boss, an employer, a person with responsibilities is serious. They take matters in hand, deal with them when needed and never take a backward step. You focus on efficiency, getting things done and being the best you can be. Sure, you can laugh and play around – but it’s not your main focus.

The you that your friends and family would recognize is very different. You can put things off, procrastinate, play eco-warrior and take any opportunity to make a juvenile joke. Your employees and business partners would be surprised at this side of you.

Are The Two Sides Permanently Detached?

Some people can blend the two sides of their characters together. There is a certain admiration that these free spirits command. But for most of us, we keep things separate – and that’s probably a good thing. You have to act professionally in a professional environment, after all.


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So being a different person in and out of the workplace is not an issue – but what if they start to bleed over?

You’re In Charge At Work, But Not At Home

It is an inescapable fact that, sometimes, our personal lives can blur into our working environment. It’s not like we can just switch off our emotions, our concerns, the things we fear and the things we are struggling with when we get to the office. Those things follow us and can stay on our minds.

If something is serious enough, then the bleed may be difficult to stem. It is hard to appear professional if you are dealing with a health crisis, the loss of a relative or going through a divorce. It’s made all the worse if you’re the boss; you’re the one everyone expects to be in control. But you feel more out of control than you ever have in your life.

How To Cope

If you find a home situation is becoming a workplace problem, first find solace in the fact you are not the first. It happens, so give yourself a break – no one can be 100% switched on and professional all the time.

As a boss, however, you have responsibilities. It’s up to you to find a way to cope with a situation. Taking the examples above, you have to take whatever action you can. See a doctor, go for grief counseling or find a lawyer. Speak to the likes of Family solicitors, Bannster Preston and set the ball in motion. Don’t just expect that eventually you will come to grips with it and wait for that to happen – be proactive in your decision-making.

Train Your Mind To Focus

Give yourself a few breaks a day where you can catch a breath and calm yourself. But for the rest of the time, train your mind to stay on the task at hand at work. This may take time the closer you are to the problem, but it is something you can learn. If necessary, snap a rubber band around your wrist whenever a non-work thought crops up – it’s a sharp reminder to get back on track.