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Car Developers Are Now Favouring Tech Over Performance


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You probably think of your car as a machine or maybe just a vehicle. But actually, if you investigate it a little more closely you’ll see it’s more like a computer. After all, there’s a lot of tech under the hood and even on the dash. Particularly in modern cars where tech is often one of the primary factors that producers now consider. Indeed, some car developers have now suggested that the tech behind the car is more important than the traits petrolheads care about. This makes a great deal of sense because the tech benefits everyone rather than just the driver. Let’s look at some of the weird and wonderful tech that is now behind the making of the cars we love.

Don’t Mess With The CPU

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If you have a new car, you will find that all the different areas from the engine to the AC are controlled by the CPU. This is a computer chip installed into your car that sends out signals to different areas. You might have heard of engine tuning. Engine tuning is the process of altering the information stored on the CPU. BY doing this, you can theoretically make a car faster and even handle differently. So, if you want a car to drift, you could alter the chip, so it reacts differently to corners. It’s not quite AI, but it’s pretty darn close, and it’s been around for some time. Although, the process of hacking and changing the CPU is a modern idea. It’s also not one that car developers actively encourage. As far as they are concerned the program released with the car is the best that is available. No amount of tuning is going to change that.

All Those Little Details

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We bet you’d never thought about the seats in your car as being technologically advanced. But you’d be surprised. Even early on in their production special processes like pu mouldings are used to get the perfect shape. This is important for elastomer products that make up the seat. Ithelps create the comfort that new cars are known for. Then there’s the additional tech that might be concealed underneath the fabric. It’s not uncommon for car seats to now have back massagers built in. You’ll have to pay extra, but driving can feel like a relaxing Swedish massage if you buy the right model.

You’re Not In Control Anymore

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Not if you buy a brand new car on the market this year, anyway. An alarming number of new cars on the market are now being introduced with AI driving features. Despite news reports, we’re not quite at the stage where cars can drive themselves. That tech could be rolled out as early as next year. At the moment, though, a car can recognize if you’re driving dangerously. It will then correct your driving for you. It does this by using special small cameras on the outside of the car. This helps the vehicle calculate distance and figure out whether you’re about to collide. Or, even if there is a risk of a collision. We’re sure for some drivers that’re going to be incredibly reassuring. For others, not so much.

As you can see, there is a wealth of tech embedded in your car. As we move forward, this going to become even more apparent.

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