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Defeat AirBnB with These Essential Hotel Improvements



Most of us have stayed in a really good hotel. We’ve also probably stayed in a really bad one! We can often sense which kind of hotel we’re staying in within a few seconds of us stepping into the room. But it’s not always that easy. Sometimes, a room that looks really fancy eventually reveals a plethora of damning flaws. A room that initially looks basic and boring can eventually reveal charms and comforts that expensive hotels can’t match.

When you’re in a good hotel, it boosts the entire experience of your trip. You know this. So if you’re running a hotel, you need to make sure that you remember it. There are a lot of ways in which you can get things completely wrong in this business. And the fallout from a customer’s negative experience can be pretty devastating to your business.

Hotel businesses are one of the most sensitive businesses when it comes to customer reviews. If someone spots a single bad customer review on, say, Google Maps, they may be put off of your hotel completely. So you really need to put the effort into getting everything right. Here’s some essential advice for anyone thinking of entering this business. (Or those already in it!)



The staff

The staff will become the face of your business. The job they do, and how they do it, will colour the experience of the guests in big ways. You have to remain vigilant about the quality of the job they’re doing. If you receive any customer complaints, investigation them thoroughly. Consider heavy investments in training and development. You should also think carefully about the amount of power you want to give to your staff. If they don’t have enough, they won’t be able to solve problems as quickly.

Equipment and comfort

What your rooms actually contain is often what’s going to sell it to a traveller. People want big, comfy beds. They want smooth sheets. They want Wi-Fi. They want a power shower. These are all pretty basic things when it comes to hotels these days. People are less enamoured by televisions, but they’re basically a standard in this industry anyway. In any case, you have to make sure your hotel furniture is of incredible quality. If it helps them get a good night’s sleep, then they’re going to enjoy their entire trip more. Not just their stay! Good furniture amenities is crucial for your reputation.




It seems like good hygiene is way too important for the hotel industry to point out in an article like this. But I’ve been in enough crummy hotels to know that it’s always worth pointing out! The fact is that a lot of hotel owners seem to think that guests simply won’t notice certain issues. But guests tend to notice every issue. If your sheets aren’t washed enough, they’ll know. If there’s mold or a lot of dust in the air, they’ll know. You can’t let hygiene issues linger in your hotel. Take action as soon as possible! If a guest gets ill during their stay, you could find yourself on the end of a lawsuit.