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Get Ahead Of The Future: Three Pieces Of Technology Your Business Probably Isn’t Using, But Should Be


Technology is becoming a bigger and bigger part of any business. There are very few companies that exist today that don’t use computers, the internet, even smartphones. With every passing year the need for companies to adopt new technology grows. Without being up to date and having the right equipment, even the largest business is in danger of getting left in the dust. But even those companies that do adopt technology might still be missing out on some significant opportunities. Here are some pieces of technology that your business may not be using, but you’re going to want to invest in sooner rather than later.


Don’t worry; we’re not going to tell you to create a dedicated staff clothing line. Wearables are pieces of technology that your employees can have on their person at all times. The most famous of these is the Apple Watch. A lot of companies are starting to provide these to their staff with positive results. These wearables can be continuously connected to providers of real-time information and data. This allows employees to get the information they need immediately. And it does so without needing to clutter up their computer workspace. It also allows you to stay in contact with your employees more easily.

Technological disposal

Technology moves fast, we all know this. And using up to date tech can be the difference between staying ahead of the curve and falling behind. Keeping your business and your employees provided with current equipment is a great policy, but it can produce waste. It’s important that you’re disposing of these old smartphones and tablets in a safe manner. Not to mention making sure that you’re as environmentally sound as possible. Devices like the intimus flashex are a lifesaver in this situation. Compact yet incredibly powerful. The flashex power shredder allows you to dispose of unwanted technology quickly and easily.

The cloud

Storage is an issue for any business. Once upon a time is was a matter of physical space, with offices filling up with filing cabinets. Luckily that’s no longer an issue, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have new ones to contend with. Digital storage faces a similar issue of space. Keeping all your data on local servers can eat up vast amounts of space that can cause your computers to run much more slowly than you want. That’s where the cloud comes in. The cloud is essentially a huge network of servers, all linked together. Cloud storage services allow you to store your data and files securely and ensure that you and your employees can all access them.

The time will probably come when technology like this will be standard, if not mandatory for every business. The key to staying ahead of the curve is constantly looking forward. Don’t wait to see what your competitors are doing. Attend conferences, scour the web. Make sure that by the time your competitors have found some technology to improve their business; yours is already using it.