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Three Things That Are Poisoning Your Business

Being the decision-maker in a successful business is no easy task. There is a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, and when you are not fighting fires, then you have long term developments to deal with. Another aspect of being in charge is that you have to safeguard your company from potential threats too. It isn’t always easy to see these, especially if you are a member of the higher echelons. So read on to get some advice on spotting and sorting potential issue that could be poisoning your company.


Staff morale is one of the biggest problems in commercial operation all over the world. You might be endlessly motivated to get to the top and don’t mind sacrificing sleep to get there. Your employees might not feel the same. It can be very frustrating to motivate people that are just not willing to go that extra mile.


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Something that can help in this areas is to create a more positive work culture. Adding in team bonding days and motivation rewards can help boost moral.

Of course, it also has something to do with the requirements on each individual and their ability to fulfill them in a realistic fashion. No one wants to slave away at something and see decreased progress or be frustrated by the tools they are using.

If you are concerned about this in your business, then take a test like this

culture assessment quiz. Then you can identify where the problems are and get on your way to solving them.


Another thing that could be poisoning your company without your knowledge is the structure that you have in place. A blame culture that trickles down from management is always a danger. As middle managers get the blame from upper management, so too will they learn to pass the buck onto their employees. This can easily poison even the most successful companies, as no one takes responsibility and ownership of what they are doing.

The same can be true of a red tape ladened structure. It can be easy to get stuck in a rut, but having so much bureaucracy to wade through before any changes are made can become very frustrating. Especially for anyone trying to make the best of working within this system. Your systems should be there to serve your company, be careful that they are not hindering it.

Interview process


Something that few people consider is that something as early as the interview process can have a major effect on your company’s success. Without a robust system in place, it can be easy to make recruitment decisions based on a short and formal time with the potential employee. This does not give a very accurate demonstration of how they will be on the job or at interacting with other in their team.

Wages and Benefits


It would be nice to think that our employees are with us because of the passion they feel for our company and their role. But the truth of the matter is that they have bills to pay and a family to feed like everyone else in the is world.

That means that while wages are not the most important thing for everyone they do come pretty high on people’s priority list. You need to reflect this is what you are paying.