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What Do All Good Start-Ups Have in Common?


Although it’s true that there’s one singular roadmap to a successful business, it is true that many successful start-ups have similar traits and characteristics. This is because all successful businesses (regardless of their industry) have a tight control over things like finances, business direction and customer experience. In this post, we take a look at the characteristics that all good start-ups have, so you can plan your business model appropriately.

#1 Successfully Acquiring Investment

A business cannot get off the ground without the right amount of investment. After all, although you can self-fund, you’re likely to run out of capital quickly, and your money can soon get swallowed up, leaving you with no working capital. If you’re unsure about how working capital works and why you need it, then this guide by Market Invoice can help.

So, before you start trading, think about how much capital you require as part of your business plan. If you think you may struggle, then consider approaching banks, financial institutions and hedge funds for funding. If your business is only small, you could even try crowdfunding.

There are lots of ways you can acquire investment, so exhaust every avenue and ensure that your business strategy is up to scratch.

#2 Having a Customer-Centric Approach

Your business cannot succeed without its customers. This is why you need a customer-centric approach. Not only will a customer-centric approach help you attract new customers, but it will also help you retain your old ones.

So, place the customer at the heart of everything that you do, from product design to the buying experience. Also consider how you can incentivise your customers to shop with you, through marketing activities and loyalty bonuses. As a start-up, you need as much custom as possible, and repeat custom is the best way to get it, so ensure that you target these customers relentlessly.

#3 Adopting a Winning Mentality and Inspire Staff to Succeed

Finally, don’t allow yourself to be absorbed by self-doubt. Any worries that you may have can be exaggerated in the heat of battle, and they can pile pressure on your staff. Remember that you’ve got this far by being successful, and if you keep giving 100%, then you stand a great chance of success.

It’s important to adopt a winning mentality in business, as this will inspire your staff (and yourself) with confidence. From here, you can inspire them to succeed, shaping them in your image through training.

Follow these three tips that all good start-ups have in common and your business has a great chance of being a success.