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It’s Not As Hard As You Think To Supercharge Your Employability

Looking for a job can sometimes be a little depressing, especially if you happen to have a liberal arts degree or you’ve always held a public sector position. But if you have the right skill set, the world is your oyster. Here are some of the skills most in-demand in 2017.

Java Development

Why are Java developers in such high demand at the moment? Well, it mostly comes down to the fact that the gaming industry is breaking new records. Only recently, we got news that, for the first time ever, the global gaming hardware industry had broken more than $30 billion in total revenue. In other words, gamers were demanding more than $30 billion worth of graphics cards, processors, RAM and so on.


Java developers usually have a bachelor’s degree in the subject, although that’s not essential. Their pay can rise to more than £50k according to data from Payscale.

Web Architecture Development

The growth in IS&T jobs recently has been explosive, especially in the area of web architecture development. The reason is for this is simply down to the demand of large and small businesses for companies that can build and create amazing websites and tailor the technical details to their customers. According to the business survey site, Glassdoor, web architects are making in the region of £65k per year, which is significant.

To get a job interview as a web architect, you need a range of IT-related skills, including the ability in computer programming, as well as a history in science-related subjects – at least according to most job postings.

Network Information Security

Another in-demand skill right now is so-called network information security. The reason for this is the astonishing growth in the size and importance of company data and the growing threat from hackers. Network information security personnel are in a constant battle to outwit the hackers and prevent company data from being stolen.


There are many sub-roles in this field, including security IT consultant and security architect, paying between £60k and £100k per year.

Storage Systems Management

It’s not just hackers who can interrupt the flow of data in a business: technical issues are a concern too. Companies need people to ensure that their information systems and networks operate smoothly on a continuous basis.
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There are lots of jobs that involve this skill. A basic systems administrator can expect to be paid around £40k. A senior storage engineer – somebody who understands how the entire system works – can expect to be paid more than £80k.

Mobile Development

Mobile has exploded in recent years, thanks to changing consumer preferences. It turns out that people just love their phones and tablets, and want to use them everywhere, at the expense of the PC. This means that there is now demand for people who can help businesses migrate away from their PC platforms and make the company websites and apps compatible with mobile technologies.

According to data from Glassdoor, mobile application developers made an average of £45k last year, again highlighting the demand for these kinds of skills.