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Marketing Made Simple!

Think about the things your business relies on to survive.

If it’s a real store, in the real world – it will need to be heated, it will need to have products and employees, and you’ll need to be able to lock the door.

But what else? Above all of this, what does your business need to thrive and live? It’s cash. Income is everything to a business and a regular income is the difference between the business running, and the business collapsing.

But you still need to actually sell your products and services to generate a steady income. You’ve got your stacked shelves and employees geared up for the sale.

But there are no customers! Why do you think that is?

Well, you need to market your business as well!


The internet is the best tool for marketing your business – and if you don’t have a physical presence, it’s perhaps the only tool that will matter to you. If your website is receiving hits, you can turn those hits into data with Google Analytics to find out exactly who is visiting your website and what exactly they are looking at. This information is worth its weight in gold and can dictate the direction that you take your business in.

You now need to bring views to your website. The more traffic you receive on your site, the more data you can acquire. The more data you acquire, the more chance you’ll have of transforming those hits into cash as customers buy products from your site.

Email advertising with American Int Email Advertising is a great way of doing this. It’s an easy to use web-based bulk emailing system that can help you track what is going on after the emails are sent, which is important knowledge to you!

You’re going to need some kind of presence on social media as well. This is a great, organic way of driving traffic to your website and you’ll see success if you combine it with email marketing. You should have the data in hand to know who you are talking to and who you should be marketing at. Get involved and interact with your audience. Don’t overdo the sell though as there is a huge difference between using and abusing social media

There are so many tools that the internet can offer to your business, and that is especially clear in the range of marketing methods the internet can provide to your business. Email marketing and social media are but two of the ways. You should endeavor to explore and find methods that suit your business. Marketing is something that will never truly come to a close – look at Coca-Cola for example. You need to constantly be on the ball and starting out with the simple methods. Social media and email marketing are a great way to kick-start the marketing process of your business and hopefully the world of marketing seems a lot more simple now!