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Illuminated Apparel Glow T-Shirts

Sometimes we get a product in at Gadgethead that everyone wants to keep, this was one of those times. The Illuminated Apparel Glow T-Shirts are a lot of fun and what started off as a rather creative task soon resulted in a game of who can insult the wearer the most.

Illuminated Apparel have invented a glow ink which is up to 10 times brighter than standard glow inks currently on the market and have produced t-shirts with large panels of this ink printed on to it, by using the UV key ring that’s included or the flash light off your phone you can create images or writing that last up to 5 minutes in the dark. Any light can be used but the higher the UV output the brighter it will be and the narrower the beam of light the easier it is to draw in detail, Illuminated Apparel sell a UV laser pointer separately for £6 which works brilliantly.

As well as being sold individually for fun, Illuminated Apparel also offer a ‘Logo Embedding’ service in which you can embed your company’s logo or brand into the ink design as a cool way to gain brand exposure. The tops are available in adult and child, in fabric colours red, blue, black or white, with the glow colours coming in a choice of Super Green Glow (Brightest), Super Aqua Glow, Super Peach Glow. Furthermore, there are some with logos embedded options too for example hearts, dinosaurs or smiley faces.

I would love to see these in vests and hoodies or tailored for women but as it stands the product currently only comes as unisex basic t-shirts. Perhaps the novelty will wear off but for now we still love playing with the Glow T-Shirt, they are great for a night out or at a festival, a brilliant ice breaker that will certainly get you noticed. There was even talk about getting them for an upcoming stag do, mainly so they can write insults on each other from across the bar (especially if anyone is attempting to chat up the ladies). RRP £20

4.2 out of 5


Good fun

Machine washable

Available in 4 different colours & 3 different Glow Colours

Great for getting you notice on a night out

Optional logo embedding

Good value for money


Only available as a basic t-shirt

Only available in unisex sizes (no tailored women’s cut)