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Silence Your Inner Critic For Good


More often than not, our inner critic develops over a long period. For instance, it might all kick off one morning if you have a particularly bad meeting with your boss. This could get you down, and some other bad interactions through the day could drag you down even further. Eventually, your inner critic might be telling you that you aren’t as good as your job as you thought you once were! It’s not only in our professional life in which our inner critic speaks up. It can be very vocal when it comes to our relationships as well!

It is important that you don’t listen to this voice, though, and you should, ideally, try and silence it whenever possible. Otherwise, you might find that it holds you back in life. To help you silence it, here are our top tips.

Make Sure There Is No Reason For It

There could be sometimes when there is actually a good reason for your inner critic to be sounding off. For instance, many people worry when they believe their spouse is cheating on them. They think that this belief is just paranoia. However, if they are actually cheating on you, then there is every reason for your inner critic to speak up. So it is important to get to the bottom of your specific situation to find out whether you should, in fact, listen to your inner voice. For instance, you could consider contacting a company that specializes in tracking people to see whether your doubts about your spouse are correct or really just paranoia.


Learn How To Fail

You can’t live your life without ever failing at something; it just isn’t possible. But, you shouldn’t let your failures get to you as they could set off your inner critic. Instead, you need to learn from them and use them as important stepping stones in your life. Don’t ever let failures get you down. Instead, you should take strength from them and endeavor to always grow from them and do better next time. By doing so, you will silence your own inner critic and will develop into a better person.

Stay Away From Social Media

Social media is a great way to keep in contact with long-lost friends and distant relatives. However, it can also paint a very fake image of other people’s lives. For instance, when you scroll through your Facebook or Instagram newsfeed, it might appear that everyone else is having a fun-filled and action-packed life. Some people’s inner critic may see this and start to speak up about how dull their own life is. It can also help doubts to develop in your head about your own life and career choices. You need to remember that social media isn’t real life and most people only post the best bits of their lives to it. This way, you will stop comparing your life to other people’s, which can help you lead a happier and relaxed life.

Follow these tips, and you will never hear from your inner critic again!