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Why We Need To Safeguard The Evolution Of Modern Medicine

Medicine has always been one of those industries where we see, and need to see, the greatest rates of technological change. It’s more than an industry, it’s a core value and asset of the entire human race. Nowadays, it’s changing in ways that might seem foreign and scary. However, if we can learn anything from the past, we should learn that the idea of revolutions in medicine being something to fear isn’t new. Every generation has its Frankenstein scares. Instead, we should be looking at how we can support that march.


The rise of robots

From the production of more involved and smaller medical equipment to the predictions of nanomachine medicine, it seems like we’re relying more and more on technology to do our doctoring for us. As well as cheaper production and more precise treatment, the greatest benefit this has to us is the fact that technology is removing barriers that previously stopped patients from getting the kind of treatment they could. Nowadays, a doctor can see significantly more patients without inconveniencing them, especially those with mobility issues, through virtual consultations. Meanwhile, they can also collect a lot more accurate data by using wearable technology to track patient fitness and health details without having to keep them in for studies.


The march of modern medicine

One of the ways that we should all do more to get involved and informed is in regards to the actual science that is helping provide further understanding, as well as new therapies and new cures every day. Especially now that we are seeing the rise of anti-intellectualism. The people who are against things like genetic science, vaccinations, and animal grafts come from a place of concern. But if we simply do more to learn about gene editing and other supposedly controversial topics, the easier it is to see through the hateful politics that tends to infest the march of medicine.


The infiltration of information

There’s a lot more information on wellbeing, medicine, and healthy lifestyles available to the average person now. More than even. However, that is fast becoming a double-edged sword. We’ve all seen the rise of the Google-addicted patient. Not only are more people self-diagnosing to not only incorrect conclusions but potentially dangerous lifestyle changes. There is a lot more inaccurate information, incorrect advice and fraudulent recommendations for the purposes of profit. The availability of information is a great thing in helping people live a healthier lifestyle. However, its main role should be in using the most reliable sources along with the advice of a real healthcare professional. As that advice is becoming more broadly available thanks to the kinds of tech mentioned above, it’s important to highlight the importance of using what’s available rather than our own intuition.

It’s important that we continue to support the greater exposure and education of healthcare to the masses. No matter how some might try to politicize it, we can’t assume that things will always progress forward. If we cease showing support, we will find ourselves stepping back in time, and our ability to handle illness and injury will step back with us.