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Face Up To It: Five Car Problems You Must Tackle Immediately

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you love your car. You love the simple act of driving, but more than that, you love the independence that your car gives you. You can get in it to go away every weekend if you want to, and it becomes your own insulated little bubble from the outside world on the way to and from work every day. But let’s face it: driving a car comes with its problems. Here are some tips on tackling those issues…

The Cost

Cars are expensive. Not only do you probably have a monthly contract hanging over your head permanently, but you may also have to pay extortionate prices for gas and insurance. If you live in a city, then it may actually be a whole lot easier to use public transport on a regular basis – so if you really love your car and want to keep it then it’s important that you budget carefully for it, as it’s definitely a luxury. Make sure that you add up your incomings and outgoings every month to ensure you can afford to keep your car.

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Parking Spaces

If you drive regularly in a city, then chances are you know the parking regulations and where all the car parks are like the back of your hand. Parking can be very expensive – in some cities, owning a permanent parking space can cost thousands. Make sure that you check out parking options before you go somewhere, and keep a bag of change in your car at all times. If you find parking stressful, then make sure you practise regularly in less populated areas.

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Getting Tickets

Only the most saintly among us has failed to get a parking or speeding ticket at some point in their life. If that’s you – and congratulations! – then there could even be something that you don’t know about. If you’re wondering ‘How do I check if I have a warrant on me?’ then try googling it or looking at a warrant checking site for where you live – every state in the US is different. If you do have an outstanding fine or ticket, then make sure you pay it immediately as the interest will only keep rising.

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The Environment

Something that all car owners know but often decide not to mention is the impact that cars are having on the environment. Fossil fuels are running out, greenhouse gases and global warming are real things, and cars are very real contributors to that problem. If you’re worried about that then why not try out an electric car? You may have to become aware of where the docking stations are in your city but if you’re environmentally conscious it could be a great move for you.

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The Traffic

Is there anything that raises a driver’s blood pressure more than traffic? If you find yourself getting frustrated and red-faced when there are traffic jams ahead of you and a long wait in your car beckons, you need to occupy yourself while you’re driving. Take plenty of deep breaths and check out the best podcasts to listen to.