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Ingenious Ways To Get More From Your Small Kitchen

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Small kitchens are infuriating! If there is one room in the where you need space, it’s the kitchen. It’s the place you cook, the place you eat, and the place families socialise. When you have no space, it’s almost impossible to do any of these things. Don’t despair if you do have a small kitchen because it isn’t the end of the world. Although God didn’t bless your home with space, you can conjure up space from nowhere to make it more tolerable. Here are the secrets to maximising space in a small kitchen.

Smart Storage

No, your storage space won’t do it for you like a smartphone or a smart meter. In this case, you are the one who has to be smart. Often, the reason there is a lack of space if because of clutter. Although you have places to put your cutlery and crockery, you don’t have the room. However, there is plenty of room if you get creative. Take the oven. The oven is a big space with lots of room for storage. So, get a few pots and pans and put them in there for safekeeping! As long as the oven is clean, there is nothing wrong with using it as a cupboard. Oh, and as along as it isn’t turned on!

Change The Furniture

Changing furniture is a favourite of interior designers because some furniture is bulky. As a result, it takes up a lot of needless space. Kitchens are weird because they have a mixture of cooking utensils and tables and chairs, so they take up extra space. With a few strategic purchases, however, this can be a thing of the past. Chairs like contemporary bar stools are a wise pick because they are sleek and fit snugly into most spaces. A round table, on the other hand, is an excellent fit because the shape takes up less space.

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Buy Hooks

Hooks are an excellent piece of kit for the kitchen as they are simple yet effective. With a few hooks, you have so much more options to store things. For example, it isn’t uncommon to use them to hang pans as long as they have a secure handle. The containers won’t drop, and if they do they won’t smash because they are metal. It’s possible to utilise this trick with almost every utensil in the kitchen to free up more space. And, kitchen hooks are so cheap to buy. It is a no-brainer for those of you with a small kitchen area.

Up High

For some reason, there is always more space up high. It is usually because there are units with have space you can’t maximise from the ground. For example, you might have a wall cabinet. On top of the cabinet is a lot of space you can use to get things out of the way. The trick is to put them there and leave them there. It’s such a simple method. You might not like the idea of leaving pots on display because it’s messy, but it looks tight and concise. Plus, when you have no room, you don’t have much choice.

Don’t let your kitchen get on top of you – get on top of it with the help of these tips!