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The Best Books About Online Gambling

Online gambling hasn’t been around as long as traditional brick-and-mortar gambling houses. Sportsbooks, casinos and poker rooms gained significant advantage over gamblers as soon as the tech revolution took over. In order to ‘return the favor’, many experts dedicated their time and experience to guiding new players through the world of online gambling.

People nowadays are able to find just about anything online, including gambling sites. But a certain tactic is needed in order to tackle their advance. That’s why gamblers decided to go about this the old-fashioned way, with regular paperback books.

There are hundreds of books for all of you who wish to join the world of online gambling. Here, we have picked out the best of their trade which are bound to help you out.


Alligator Blood: The Spectacular Rise and Fall of the High-rolling Whiz-kid who Controlled Online Poker’s Billions by James Leighton

The first book on our list is named after a typical poker term signifying a fearless player. And that is exactly what the main character is. Leighton’s hero, Daniel Tzvetkoff is the protagonist who leads its readers through the shady world of poker rooms and their ruthlessness. One couldn’t say for sure if they ever offered no deposit poker bonuses or promoted their new games with any pure intention.

Useful poker lessons are still cleverly inserted through Tzvetkoff’s moments in the poker rooms of Las Vegas as you get to see the world of online poker and its corruption.


Exploring Internet Gambling: Policy, Prevention and Treatment by Sally Gainsbury & Alex Blaszczynski

The second book on our list is a softer and more official approach to the topic. Dr. Gainsbury and professor Blaszczynski provide their readers with a detailed account of the transition from traditional to online gambling and its consequences. Plus, it’s a great read for anyone who wishes to catch up on their knowledge about legal policies and regulations.

The untypical, scientific nature of this book is the most objective source of information for online gamblers and regulatory bodies alike.


Routledge International Handbook of Internet Gambling by Robert T. Wood, Robert J. Williams & Jonathan Parke

The joint work of three professors has managed to become a manual to Internet gambling. Their book mainly deals with this phenomenon’s influence on sociology, politics and commerce, as well as their reaction to it. Nevertheless, it played a crucial role in introducing online gambling to scholars everywhere.


Dueling with Kings: High Stakes, Killer Sharks, and the Get-Rich Promise of Daily Fantasy Sports by Daniel Barbarisi

Turning your attention to Daily Fantasy Sports, this book is bound to help you as much as Barbarisi’s previous book was able to do for poker players. It tells the story as if it were a novel on the rivalry between the two DFS magnates, FanDuel and DraftKings.

Mr. Daniel himself portrays the protagonist and uncovers the untold story of the millionaires while giving his readers useful tips through the character’s actions.