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Korite Ammolite – A Gem of an Idea

Founded in 1979, Korite has risen through the ranks to become Canada’s premier and most respected coloured gemstone discovery operation, thanks to its single-minded approach to harvesting and displaying ammolite. In fact, the company vision says so much more than we ever could, in terms of how focused it is,

“To colour the world with Korite ammolite, Canada’s gemstone, recognised for its unique provenance, high quality, rare vibrancy and talisman-like energy.”

 With a targeted vision such as this, it makes sense that the mission statement of the operation talks exclusively about celebrating the incredible gemstone, through amazing jewellery designs and high-end collectibles, but what exactly is ammolite? Derived from ammonite, a fossilised material that is notable for its unusually vibrant colours and stunning composition, finished ammolite has all the aesthetic superiority of its parent material, but in a more polished and presentable way.

“Ammolite is an official gem, certified by the World Gemstone Federation, one of three in the past 300 years. Rare because of its limited discovery in Southern Alberta’s Bearpaw Formation, Korite is a truly unique and authentic ammolite gem that has bold vibrancy, positive energy and a natural history.”

 With control over more than 90% of the ammolite resources in the world, it comes as no surprise that Korite is so successful, knowledgeable and respected in the industry, after all, if you surround yourself with one specialist product, you’re going to quickly become an expert in it! Don’t think that a single-minded approach to harvesting means an unethical approach though, as that couldn’t be further from the truth as Korite stands by,

“Environmental and ethical mining practices, eco-responsible leadership, manufacture, design and community support to the highest standards of sustainability, design, craft and citizenship. The company, its discovery team, craftspeople, designers and sales professionals stand by quality and professional confidence at every stage of its intimate Canadian operations.”

 With a fantastic heritage in the industry already, a recent management shake-up came as a welcome refresh and brought new knowledge into the fold that would prove to be fantastically useful for future projects. Martin Bunting, a respected retail executive, has been brought in as CEO, alongside Jay Maull, a mining and jewellery professional, who was appointed as company President. The introduction of these two top-level executives heralds a new dawn for Korite and to say that the future looks set to be dazzling, would be a trite understatement,

“New management introduces new and exciting opportunities to evolve the brand by exploring refined, on trend and fashion-forward designs for its signature Korite jewellery. Distinctly colourful and deeply emotive, the new direction will help grow the business to secure its leadership in the industry.”

 So, Korite is a market leader, has monopoly over the lion-share of the natural resources in the world, thanks to ownership of the largest commercial mine and now, has an incredibly experienced and industry competent management team in place, but that’s not all. With a smooth finish and gorgeous aesthetics that are said to rival black opals for their colour and fire, ammolite is entwined in legend, folklore and even spirituality,

“Recognised as the most influential stone of the millennium, ammolite is celebrated internationally, by Feng Shui masters for its significant properties. Only Korite Canadian ammonites combine the excellent properties of the ammolite gemstone and the good fortune of the shell together in one beautiful and very special fossil. The gem symbolises good luck and prosperity, enhances clarity, promotes cooperation and encourages wisdom.”

Filled with vibrant colours that correspond to key Feng Shui principles, it’s no surprise that ammolite is treated with respect and reverence, or that Korite has made such an effort to protect its interests, primarily by announcing that it owns and runs the only legal ammonite-producing mine, the reach of which is now being extended by a huge five acres.

With demand from 28 countries for this amazing and diverse gem, there’s no mistaking that the extra acres are needed, but Canada itself is also seeing a huge increase in demand, thanks to the 150th birthday celebrations being held in 2017,

Canadians can bring out their true colours with ammolite in preparation for Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations in 2017 and Korite is proud to be the official jewellery supplier licensee for Canada 150. The ammolite gemstone is set in beautifully designed, Canadian symbolic keepsakes and jewellery as a new collection of everyday wearable accessories. Promoting Canadian patriotism, there will be 21 keepsakes to collect, set in silver plate or sterling 925 silver.

Korite encourages Canadians to share the ammolite keepsakes with friends and family locally and abroad to spread the message of unity, independence and cultural diversity in Canada.”

It’s not a rarity to find a forward-thinking company that produces inspiring, gorgeous products, but when you couple that with a genuine commitment to environmental stewardship and a desire to make a global impression on a highly competitive marketplace through hard work and innovation, there is a sense of having stumbled upon an unusually progressive organisation,

From responsible harvest at its award winning excavation to finished jewellery and decor statement pieces sold around the world, the company stands by quality and professional confidence at every stage of its International operations. We have now become one of the most loved and respected coloured gemstone companies, with a far-reaching signature jewellery brand.”

 Just as ammolite can be traced back 71-million years and has a long and traceable history, we get the feeling that Korite has many more years of successful mining and design ahead of it. The Canada 150 celebrations and increased mining facilities are just two amazing developments to happen to Korite in 2017 and it’s only just begun, so we can only imagine the stratospheric levels of success that await the team as the year progresses.