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Are You Prepared For The Dangers Of Backpacking?

The classic trope of backpackers getting lost in the middle of nowhere and being preyed upon by some axe-wielding maniac has been a staple of horror movies for years, and there have even been some real life cases in the past. While this is a worst case scenario and isn’t very likely to happen, backpacking can still be very dangerous. For a lot of people, it is their first time going abroad alone and some of the backpacker hotspots are in pretty scary countries. If you want to avoid these dangers, follow these simple steps.

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Book Somewhere To Stay

The appeal of backpacking is the freedom that comes with it and exploring a country without any concrete plans is one of the best ways to do it. That’s fine, but you should research and book somewhere for the first night. Once you’ve had a few days to get to know the place, you’ll know where you should and shouldn’t go. When you first get there you won’t know anything about the place at all and this is when you are most vulnerable. You can easily be led to somewhere dangerous if you don’t have a clue what you’re doing so give yourself a bit of time to work things out before heading off on your own.

Have A Plan For Illness

If you get ill in a relatively underdeveloped country, the likelihood is that their healthcare provisions aren’t going to be great. They might also cost you a lot of money if you don’t have any insurance. The best way to make sure that you’re safe is to get home as quickly as possible. Look at sites like which offer air ambulance services. They will be able to get you home quickly and safely and provide any care that you might need along the way.

Take Health Precautions

Many countries that are prime backpacking locations are also home to many exotic diseases and viruses, so it’s important you consult your doctor and take any necessary vaccines or jabs before you go – otherwise, you risk catching malaria, and that’s certainly not pleasant!  In these post-pandemic times, it’s also always a good idea to take a coronavirus test private or otherwise, before you fly, so you can ensure you’re not putting the local community at risk of catching the virus from you.

Safety In Numbers

If you are going with friends that’s great, but if you are going alone you put yourself at higher risk. Chances are, you’ll meet people along the way so it’s a good idea to stay with them. However, that doesn’t mean just tag along with the first person you meet. Only stay with people once you have known them for a while and you are sure they are trustworthy.

Watch What You Eat

Lots of the countries that you go to won’t have the same strict regulations about food safety that you get at home. That means you need to be careful about street food because it can make you very ill. It is very common for travelers in Asia to get ill from the food. Try to steer clear of anything that hasn’t been cooked because it could be teeming with bacteria. You should also try to stick to bottled water because you don’t know how your body will handle it.

Research Before You Go

The best way to avoid any potential dangers is to know what they are before you go. Search online using sites like and you should be able to find plenty of information on the countries that you are visiting. If you know anybody else that has been, ask them about it. The more you know about the country before you go, the safer you will be when you get there.