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3 Glaring Signs That You Need to Quit Your Job and Become Your Own Boss

There comes a point in our jobs where we just can’t deal with the stress of working anymore. We don’t want to fight with our colleagues, we don’t want to listen to our boss, and we don’t want to be bullied in the workplace. It goes without saying that these situations are horrible and it makes us think twice about even heading to work, but it’s also a sign that we know we can do better. No one should have to suffer at work just to put food on the table, and it’s why many people are choosing to leave their jobs in exchange for life as an entrepreneur.

Here are a couple of glaring signs that should tell you that enough is enough and that you should stop working for a terrible employer as soon as possible and start fresh as your own boss.

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Your ideas are a lot better than your employer’s

Have you ever said to yourself “I could grow this business a lot better than my boss”? Then perhaps you should put your words to the test and try your own ideas out. Let’s face it, our employers sometimes lack the vision that we have. We see the business from a different perspective to our boss, which means it gives us a unique view on how things work and how we can improve the company. Sadly, our suggestions are rarely ever taken on board and it only serves to feed the ego of our manager when they decide to use our ideas as their own. If you feel like your ideas and solutions to problems are far better than whatever the management uses, then you might actually become a better leader than they are. Your experience as an employer is invaluable, and you can use it to create a much better company if you tried.

They really don’t seem to care about your safety

Unless you’re best friends with injury lawyers that are willing to stand in your corner, you might be wondering what your options are should you ever be hurt at work due to negligence from your employer. For instance, if you’re working in a factory with poor conditions and your boss decides to stop providing you with safety equipment, you could probably argue and take your concerns to your human resources department, but will they really do anything? Chances are they’re just going to end up getting hurt and claiming a bit of compensation back, but that’s not going to help your income at all. Don’t take chances with a neglectful employer—leave as soon as it’s possible.

Other colleagues feel the same way as you

Unless your colleagues have a spot in the employer’s clique, they might be thinking the same thing as you: we want to get out. However, unless you lead the charge and provide them with a job in your business, they probably won’t be willing to leave. If you do have a couple of colleagues that feel the same, then you have the perfect foundation to build a new company. Your skills and relationships will carry over, giving you a fantastic head start.