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Eilbeck Cranes – Towering above the rest

A great many companies claim to have the best interests of their clients at heart, but few can rightly state that they’ve been living up to that mantle for over 100 years. Eilbeck Cranes is a one-in-a-million operation that sets the standard for global machining and support manufacturing, which is why Endeavour Magazine was keen to discover the secret to the company’s success.

A 100% privately owned company, located in Australia, Eilbeck Cranes has garnered itself an enviable reputation, but not merely on a regional level; we’re talking globally here. So here’s the big question; what’s the secret to the covetable position as a market leader? The answer is as simple as having a natural talent for not only meeting and exceeding customers’ needs and expectations, but also actually predicting them and offering totally tailored and customised solutions.

Having been in operation for a staggering 110 years (seriously, how many companies can you interact with, safe in the knowledge that their methodology has been proved out over a century?), Eilbeck has become the premier choice for a range of commercial clients, from SME’s all the way through to government and high-level corporate institutions. With this in mind, it can’t come as any surprise that long-lasting relationships, a vested interest in clients’ successes and a proactive approach to customer service are the pillars that underpin every contract undertaken by Eilbeck. Nor can you be shocked that so many clients return, without hesitation, time and time again.

Perhaps it’s the family-run element to the company that offers that extra nuance of credibility and peace of mind that clients find so irresistible? When you learn that the current CEO, Tom Eilbeck, is the third consecutive family CEO to take the reigns, you get a real sense of the steadfast and uncompromising family tradition that steers the company as a whole, but the company was no flight of fancy, back at the moment of conception. Engineering runs though the veins of every Eilbeck and being the grandson of the founding father of the company, Tom Eilbeck has certainly not looked to upset a successful apple cart with radical ideas that would undermine the incredible reputation enjoyed by the company for a century.

With six manufacturing plants located throughout Australia, Eilbeck Cranes has certainly grown over the last 110 years, but the initial founding principles remain the same; hard work, determination and family values. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, as these seemingly commonsense and simple principles have directly contributed to the company gaining not only national, but also international recognition as “the only organisation to provide a serious challenge to the traditional European domination within the crane industry”. We assume that this is what direct;y lead to the company motto of “One Company, Many Locations, Global Service”.

Knowing that Eilbeck Cranes enjoys a comfortable monopoly of the local market and is also a high-ranking contender in wider spheres, perhaps we need to gain a better understanding of exactly what the company does?

In a nutshell, Eilbeck Cranes can offer a one-stop solution for any and all crane and winch manufacturing needs. If that sounds even remotely simple to you, then think again! As the saying goes, it takes a village and in this case, the population of said village is a highly proficient team of experienced and carefully sourced operators and engineers. With enormous fabricating, welding and machining ability at its fingertips, the quality of workmanship carried out at Eilbeck is nothing short of staggering, a fact that is plainly reflected in the numbers of repeat clients and the complexity of projects undertaken.

With cutting edge machining workshops in place, kitted out with state of the art CNC technology, the company is in a unique position to be able to confidently offer exemplar services, but this is by no means all that Eilbeck relies on to retain its enviable reputation. A spokesperson for the company revealed that,

With our fabrication capabilities, we additionally have both a granite blast booth, steel shot blast unit, a completely equipped paint bay to all different paint specs, shrink fitting, a first class CNC machining workshop, electrical and assembly capabilities. Alongside this capacity, our team have the ability to design and engineer, if required. Our team believes in the upmost quality and have ITP’s in place and QA systems for all fabrication, paint and machining work available to offer to the client.”

With a longstanding spotless reputation, an enviable client base and a team of industry-leading professionals in place, Eilbeck is well-placed to continue on for not only another 110 years, but endlessly, but what does the future hold? A piquant mix of family heritage (bolstered by the current CEO sharing the name of the original founder) and future-proofed technology means that the potential for continuation and more importantly, development, is unlimited and it appears that the team is extremely excited about what’s to come,

“As we now expand our capabilities further into CNC machining, we become further independent being able to engineer and machine products for our leading crane and winch divisions.

 As Eilbeck have operated as machinists before, we are drawn back to our roots, and we can guarantee to provide accurate products which will suit your needs and work time and time again.”

How about we make a prediction about the future of Eilbeck Cranes? Given that there is an exceptional amount of history and a vested family interest in the continuation of the company, coupled with the all-encompassing market domination already in place, we think that the coming years will see Eilbeck rise to the top of the global marketplace. Not only that, we will put our necks on the line and say that we firmly believe that in the future, when crane and winch manufacturing is being discussed, in any country, it will be impossible not to hear the name Eilbeck cranes and we honestly can’t wait to see that prediction come true.