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Hemani Group – A Natural Touch

The health and beauty industry isn’t often connected to more natural concerns, but breaking through that misconception with aplomb is Hemani, a pioneering global brand that Endeavour Magazine wanted to know a lot more about, so we spoke with CEO Mustafa Hemani.

The Hemani Group was founded in 1949, when the health and beauty industry was really starting to come into its own, but far from simply following the crowd, Hemani has consistently strived to be an industry innovator. Thanks to a consistent programme of development and diversification, the group now offers an extensive range of natural health and beauty products, alongside certain edibles.

To say that the product catalogue is impressive would be a drastic understatement, but equally as impressive is the way the senior management team, lead by CEO Mustafa Hemani, the son of the original company founder, defines what the company is all about,

“Hemani is a manufacturer of natural, herbal and organic products that promote a naturally healthy lifestyle for all customers.”

Do you see what we do in this quote? It’s ALL about customers and helping them to gain access to exceptionally high quality, natural products at affordable prices in a bid to contribute to a healthier way of life. Of course, there is a bottom line to think about as well, but having kept a keen eye on consumer trends throughout the years, Hemani was able to distinguish when a shift in attitudes started impacting on generic product sales and that’s when the organic extravaganza could begin! Mustafa elaborated by commenting that,

“We are fortunate to be in a growing industry, as more and more people are wanting to pursue a natural way of living, but we face obstacles, like any company does, such as competition from a lot of other operations, as well as consumer mindsets, in certain markets.”

It’s a tricky line to straddle; while there is a definite movement towards more natural products, consumers can become despondent about slower results, despite the benefit of no side-effects, but then again, as more companies start to offer these safe alternatives, the competition increases for Hemani,

“Consumers in some markets simply don’t have the patience to trial natural products and can stay loyal, in the short-term., to chemical-based products, but there IS a growing awareness, which could lead to more companies entering and saturating the market.”

With such a realistic appraisal of the potential pitfalls ahead, Hemani has been able to quickly adapt, in order to offer consumers a unique and covetable experience that nobody else can, thus securing their continued custom and loyalty. A heady mix of high quality products, positive purchasing experiences, competitive prices, appealing packaging and persuasive marketing campaigns has set Hemani apart from its nearest competitors, but added to that is a unique take on staff appreciation,

“We treat all of our 500+ staff like family. Nobody leaves us, as we see out staff as the very backbone of all our successes and reward them accordingly. We offer regular training, opportunities for promotion, bonuses and incentives, such as comprehensive health insurance, to stay with us. It’s a win-win for us, as our appreciation leads to incredible productivity and job satisfaction. Also, we all lunch together on a daily basis and encourage daily reporting and idea sharing.”

This inclusive, supportive approach is clearly working, as Hemani is able to boast of a presence in over 60 countries. This figure becomes even more enviable, when you realise which countries are already recognizing the genius of this progressive company. With a head office located in Dubai, a regional office in the USA and countless agents representing Hemani globally, this is a serious operation, but at no point are key relationships overlooked,

“We seek to enjoy open and honest relationships with our customers, representative agents, suppliers and stakeholders as this leads to increased trust and the continuation of our enviable reputation.”

Enviable reputation is right, as Hemani is a family-owned and run company, which has developed through numerous dedicated generations, each of which has maintained a strong grasp on the right way to lead a committed and professional team. Mustafa was keen to highlight what he thinks makes for an inspirational company chieftain,

“Leaders need to be motivational, dedicated and strong, while always leading from the front and by example, which is what we do at Hemani. We work to a philosophy of making the right decisions at the right time, while being mindful of new and exciting opportunities.”

Speaking of new opportunities, Hemani has some interesting developments to look forward to, as a programme of global penetration is being planned as we speak, alongside the development of a new brand and existing range expansion. Don’t go thinking that a few extra agents are what we’re talking about though, as plans are afoot for serious growth and progression,

“We are looking to penetrate Pakistan, while at the same time, explore opportunities in many more countries in East and South Africa. We are also launching a brand new retail concept called WB by Hemani, expanding our organic range and branching out even more into the halal cosmetics arena. It’s important to remember that health and beauty can perfectly align with personal beliefs to create something truly special.”

Having such awareness of the way consumers are starting to spend their money has lead to an all-inclusive and very different approach to the health and beauty market, but one that looks set to secure Hemani’s place in commercial history. As customers begin to shun chemical-based products in favour of more organic alternatives, Hemani will be on hand to offer the very best options at affordable prices, which we see as a fantastic unique selling point.

Sincerely promising to never compromise on quality or affordability, you can believe us when we say that Hemani’s word is its bond and we can’t wait to watch this innovative, intuitive and progressive company as it continues to redefine the natural and organic beauty industry.