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Will You Fly A Car In Your Lifetime?

We’ve all wanted a flying car since we saw Back To The Future – let’s be honest. It didn’t matter if it was a Delorean, the flying thing was all that mattered. It didn’t even have to transport is to times in the past or the future. We just wanted to get up there, above everything else, and maybe even use Doc Brown’s famous catch phrase, ‘roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads’. Ok, maybe that was just me, but still, wouldn’t a flying car be awesome? It’s 2017 and flying cars still aren’t available for the average Joe to buy, so will we ever see them in our lifetime? Will you fly a car in your lifetime? Read on for more information!


Forget Uber – How About A Flying Taxi?

You may not be driving a flying car yet, but Germany is actually taking steps towards the first flying taxi. Lilium, based in Munich, have planned a five seater jet capable of taking off and landing. This sort of thing could soon be used for ride sharing services and urban transport, almost like a flying taxi.

However, the company is still up against many hurdles, as are the other companies attempting to create flying cars. They must convince regulators and the general public that these things are safe. Even if the flying taxi does become a ‘thing’, will enough people want to use it? If it did become common place, people could take trips to far away places on a whim more often.

However, Japan may be the country winning the flying car race. A group of Japanese inventors are hoping to have their project, the ‘SkyDrive’, ready by the 2020 Olympics. Their invention uses drone technology, and they hope that it will be a huge feature in the Olympics.

This isn’t to say that Japan doesn’t have some competition. Not only are Germany on the case; the US, the United Arab Emirates, and the Netherlands are all attempting to create their own versions. Flying cars will feature many complex systems, and they must be proven to be safe to use, hence why it’s taking such a long time for them to become a reality. Not only will they be expensive to buy, we will also need specialists in auto repair for flying vehicles. We still have a long way to go before a flying car is sitting on everybody’s driveway.

Will You Fly A Car In Your Lifetime?

Let’s go back to the original question: will you fly a car in your lifetime? Chances are, you will. Many experts think that the first flying car will be out in the next 10-15 years. You better get saving for your first flying vehicle if this is something you wish to do! Just don’t get your hopes up that it’ll be exactly like Doc Brown and Marty Mcfly’s ride. It probably won’t need a runway, and you won’t get to drive really, really fast before take off. It’ll use drone-like technology, and it’ll probably be more like a persona helicopter than a flying car.