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Technology & Control: Is Your Business The Master Or The Servant?



As a business owner, you probably feel lucky to be alive in times such as these. After all, there is so much technology at your disposal, and all of it is supposed to make your life easier. However, too much of anything in life is never good for you, and the simple truth is it is no different when it comes to tech. And the reality is that it is all too easy to allow your business to become a slave to tech, rather than the master. Here are a few suggestions to help you ensure you are using your devices and equipment to your benefit, and you are always in control.


An overload of data


When you read the vast majority of business blogs and magazines, almost all of them describe the importance of big data. But the truth is that this is still a field very much in its infancy, and even global businesses with mega budgets struggle to use all their data efficiently. Ultimately, it’s incredibly easy to start getting bogged down with all this wealth of information, and in particular circumstances it could even lead to you delaying important decisions, focus on the wrong information, and leading your business down the wrong path. So, be careful about the amount – and quality – of the data you use. The decisions you make as a result could go against you in more ways than just productivity.


An overload of devices

Think about the sheer number of devices that you and your employees are using. The typical worker who uses a computer might have a desktop for office work, a tablet for their commute, and a phone to take home. Now, think about your customers – they probably have exactly the same devices, so not only do you need to have tight controls over employee device use, but you also have to make sure your customers can access your business from all of their gadgets. Cloud services are helping, and there is a huge range of collaborative software and services out there that could help you iron out any kinks. And as for your customers, make sure you are optimizing your website, so it looks great across every platform and device.

Maintenance, support, and updates

Software needs updating on a regular basis, or your system could be the victim of a hacking attack. With legacy systems, it can be incredibly time-consuming, so again, it’s best to move your business to cloud services instead. Your industry might have to run regular maintenance schedules on specialist equipment, too. Make sure you have all your calibration services and routine maintenance contracts in place, or your business could suffer from lost time, lost sales, and lost customers as a result. Faulty equipment can be an incredible drag, and the slightest failure or inaccurate reading could have a hugely damaging impact on your company’s reputation.

Too many channels

Finally, when you are a small business owner trying to promote your company in every way possible, technology can cause as many problems as it solves. Take social media for example. You can’t expect to offer quality updates across six or seven different channels without spending a small fortune on employees or outsourced companies. Instead, find the channel that works best for your business and make the most out of it. Not only will you save time, but you will be in a state of greater control over technology than you ever could be when trying to fight fires on multiple fronts.