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Go With the Tow: Everything You Need to Know About Using a Trailer Safely

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When it comes to towing when driving, most of our experience is limited to memorising the DMV test answers on the subject before taking to the roads. It is unsurprising that this knowledge quickly fades from our memories once we pass our tests and operate on the roads without having to consider towing for weeks, months or years to come. However, there is likely to come a time when you will find yourself needing a little extra space to transport some items from one place to another and you may well consider renting or purchasing a tow trailer for the occasion. Alternatively, you might invest in a caravan for short getaways. However, it is absolutely essential that you freshen up on your towing knowledge before taking to the roads with a heavy load, not only for your own convenience, health and safety, but also for the health and safety of all other road users you may encounter along the way. So, here’s a quick guide to everything you need to know about towing loads on the roads.




First things first, you need to be well aware of what you are legally qualified to tow with your vehicle. Some loads will be fine, but you are likely to have limitations on the size of what you can transport from one place to another. Huge loads, for example, may require a specialist licence or permissions. So, research the type of licence that you hold and ensure that you aren’t going to run into any trouble for towing an excessively large load.


Make Sure That You Have Brake Controllers


Thinking about the process of towing: if you have a heavy load attached to your vehicle, it will be travelling at the same speed as you. This is fine, as long as you maintain a constant speed. However, when it comes to stopping, things could become tricky, as the load will be travelling at a significant speed and has nothing stopping it from pushing into the back of your vehicle and propelling you forward, despite your best efforts to stop. This is where brake controllers come into play. When a brake controller is installed on your trailer, it will ensure that the vehicle’s braking system knows how much braking power is needed to effectively stop the trailer too. This gives you more control over your vehicle and its overall handling on the roads. Perfect! If you do not already have a brake controller, you can acquire Tekonsha Brake Controllers at PartsEngine.


Ensure That Your Vehicle is Sufficiently Rated


It is advised that certain vehicles carry a certain maximum weight on long journeys. So make sure that you are familiar with your vehicle’s’ capacity and don’t overdo things. Not only could towing an excessive load damage the workings of your vehicle, but you could easily lose control on loose road services, ascending or descending hills, or if adverse weather conditions strike on your way from one place to another.


If you ensure that your are qualified to tow a trailer, that your vehicle is sufficiently powerful and stable to tow one effectively, and have brake controllers, you have the green light to get started on your journey. Start out slow, as you begin to get used to the way that your vehicle functions with a load attached. You will gradually become more comfortable and towing troubles will be a thing of the past.