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Replace or Repair: When’s The Right Time To Upgrade Your Car?

We love our cars- they’re our ticket to independence. Having your own vehicle gives you the ability to go where you want, when you want, and so when things go wrong and this freedom is taken away it can be more than frustrating. Sometimes you might find yourself in the predicament where you’re not sure whether to sell or scrap your old car and buy something more reliable, or get it fixed and work with what you have. Here are some things to consider.

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Repair: You Genuinely Love Your Vehicle

It’s easy to get attached to our car. Like a worn out yet comfortable pair of shoes, we know that looks and functionality aren’t always the best but the familiarity and attachment is there. You know exactly how to handle your car, what it can do. You know exactly how far you can push it when the gas tank says empty. After a while, the car can feel like an extension of you. Maybe you’re attached to your car for sentimental reasons, maybe it’s your first vehicle or was bought for you by a loved one. Either way, if you love your car and want to hang on to it, it makes sense to repair it if this is feasible

Replace: The Repairs Are More Expensive Than The Car’s Value

If your car is a little older and something major goes wrong (or a few things at once) the cost of the parts and labour can exceed what the car is actually worth. Unless you have a strong attachment to the car, in this case it makes the most sense to scrap your car for cash and put the money towards something new. If you don’t have the money to buy something outright, you could consider car financing. That way you can spread the cost over a set amount of time and be able to purchase a much better vehicle.

Repair: The Vehicle is on Finance

Car finance is great for the reason mentioned above, however it can have its downsides too. While your car is under finance, you can’t legally sell it since you don’t own it until the final payment has been made. This means that you will have to keep repairing whatever the issue is, unless you can afford to pay of the remainder of the vehicle to the finance company instead.

Replace: The Same Thing Keeps Going Wrong

When the same issue keeps going wrong with the car, it can be tempting to give up and get rid of it in favour of something more reliable. But first your best bet would be to try a different garage. A separate fault is causing the same part to keep breaking despite being replaced, and a better garage might be able to find the issue. Alternatively, take it to the dealership and pay more for genuine parts. Generic car parts can sometimes be fine, but if you’re experiencing repeated issues it’s time to pay the extra. If the same expensive fault keeps happening and your garage can’t determine why, it makes no sense to keep putting money into it.