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The Growing Popularity of Vaping

Vaping has grown in popularity over the last few years, and it looks like the market will only continue to get bigger, By 2021, the global market is expected to be worth $32 billion. Even though the tobacco market is still a lot bigger, the trend for vaping has been interesting. The growing popularity of e-cigarettes has meant that rules and regulations concerning where smoking is allowed have had to be reviewed, leading to e-cigarettes and vaping equipment also being banned from a number of places.

Where Is Vaping Popular?

Vaping has grown in popularity in North America and several European countries in particular, including the UK. In 2015, the vaping market in the UK was valued at $1.16 billion (£93 million) and projected to grow to $5.67bn (£4.46bn) by 2021. Popularity began to grow in around 2014 because of the development of new technology, government regulations, and major acquisitions.

Smokers or Ex-smokers?

Are the people who enjoy smoking largely smokers, ex-smokers, or neither? It might surprise you to see that they’re mostly smokers. Some people think that vaping is mostly used as an aid to quit smoking, but many smokers use it to enjoy tobacco products in a different way.

Who’s Making Vaping Products?

Another interesting thing to consider is who is making vaping products. While the large majority of vaping brands are independently owned, a number of big names belong to a tobacco-selling parent company. This makes sense, as vaping products can be used with various liquids that contain nicotine and sometimes tobacco.

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