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Most Business SEO Isn’t Working Anymore – This Is Why


Every single entrepreneur and business owner out there knows all about the importance of SEO for their company site. SEO is the little fairy that comes and helps pull the website up through Google’s search rankings. Without it, there is no way you will pick up enough new customers through their Google searches as your business won’t be at the top of search result lists when people search for relevant keyword phrases.

As you can probably imagine, many business owners are obsessed with their website’s SEO in the early days of their business. After all, getting it right can help them spread the word of their new business shortly after its launch. But many entrepreneurs find that their SEO efforts start to fail a year or two after they have been put in place. Not sure why that is the case with your company’s SEO? Don’t worry; this blog can help you figure it out and find out what you need to do to improve things.


You Set Up Good SEO… And Then Forgot About It

I’ve already mentioned that many business owners take a lot of time and effort to boost their site’s SEO shortly after the company launches. This will have some great immediate results, but they will slowly start to decline after a while. So, you need to keep on working on your website’s SEO. It’s one of the most continual tasks that needs to be worked on. Simply setting it up and then leaving it for a few months won’t do it any good at all. Even if you just carry out an hour’s work each week on it, you will find that your SEO continues to bring some great results.

You Still Aren’t Using Professional Help

Lots of entrepreneurs try and save some money by taking on all of their SEO themselves. This is fine if you already have a marketing department in your firm who can take care of it for you. But if you are running a one-man show, then all of your SEO jobs and responsibilities will take a large portion of your time, and they could distract you from other things you really should be working on. For this reason, it’s worth getting in touch with a firm like Ignite Digital who can lend you their expertise. Not only does this help to free up your time, but it also means that you can get peace of mind knowing that all of your SEO is being done by some of the best in the business.


You Haven’t Invested Enough Into Your SEO

I’ve already mentioned that you need to use some professionals for your SEO. But that shouldn’t be the only investment that you make. Sure, there are lots of free things you can do to boost your website’s ranking, but these will only go so far. At some point, in order to get as much out of your SEO practices as possible, you are going to have to put down a hefty investment. Free traffic is now very much a thing of the past. Instead, you need to pay to build links on other websites and purchase some PPC ads that will make your site appear in the first few slots on Google’s search rankings. Don’t worry, though, all of this extra marketing investment will pay for itself before too long.


You’ve Neglected Your Local SEO

Most entrepreneurs are so focused on improving their overall SEO so that they become an internationally recognized business that they all too often forget about setting up strong local SEO. Even if you are just an online business and don’t have a bricks-and-mortar store, it is still crucial to create some local SEO as this can open your business up to a lot more people in your surrounding area. Plus, part of local SEO is all about putting your contact details online so that customers can easily contact you, and that is something that is important for your customers who are on the other side of the globe from you. The first thing you should do, then, is get your company officially listed on Google Maps. That way, its location will pop up whenever anyone searches for it.

The main thing to take away from this blog post is that you should never neglect and ignore your SEO for too long. That’s when results will start to slow down, and it will require a lot of effort and money to get it back on track!