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The Interesting Ways in Which Retailers Are Trying to Stand Out

The retail industry is certainly highly competitive, and the big players in the retail sector are now taking new and unusual steps to make the customer experience better for people like us. In the end, this competition always benefits consumers because it boosts innovation and prevents things getting too stale, which is always a good thing. Read on if you want to find out about the interesting ways in which retailers are trying to stand out from the crowd.

In-Store Events and Experiences

It’s becoming more and more common for events and experiences to take place inside stores. It simply offers another way to get people through the doors and that has to be a good thing. One example is how music stores, which were once under massive threat, now organise in-store performances by artists. They can pull in the crowds and they hang around to sign CDs and things later. Similar things are happening in many different stores too.

Innovative Layouts and Designs

The way in which stores are laid out is becoming more interesting and more varied from store to store. Innovative designs can become part of the attraction of visiting. Rather than having some tall shelves stacked with goods, retailers know that if you make the design artistic, you will appeal to people in new ways. They find a retail design agency and hire them to come up with these designs a lot of the time. It’s changing the way we experience store.

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Simply having something that becomes a talking point and a focal point is a big deal in the world or retail right now. This has become known as Instagramability. If it makes people want to stand next to it and have it their photo taken before posting it on Instagram, it’s worth having. Not only do these things get people through the door, but they also help spread the word when people talk about them and post photo online. All publicity is helpful after all.

Robots Boosting Productivity

The robots haven’t completely taken over just yet, but we are edging ever closer to the point at which they are the main focus in stores and store supply chains. Robots and machines can help to boost productivity and have customers dealt with faster. There are many ways in which this happens, but we’ve all experienced at least basic examples of automation in shops by now.

Augmented Reality In-Store

This trend is just starting to creep in right now. Augmented reality allows people to see themselves in different settings thanks to advanced technology. It’s particularly useful to fashion retailers because shoppers can see how the outfit would look on them in a variety of settings with the help of this tech.

Who knows what the future will hold for the world of retail; we wait with baited breath to see how those companies will try to stop us from only buying online and keep us coming into stores. This is a battle that is already underways, so it’ll be interested to see where the industry heads next.