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Petroserv: Building the Qatar of tomorrow

Petroserv is a company that has garnered itself an enviable reputation within a highly competitive industry, but at no point has the market dulled its shareholders’, board of directors’, executive management’s and staff’s enthusiasm for quality and progress. Chief among the executives is Tarek Malhas, Oil & Gas Business Unit Manager; Endeavour spoke with Tarek to further understand what sets Petroserv apart.

Before we even take a look at the extensive experience within the oil and gas industry that Tarek Malhas has demonstrated, one thing stood out immediately when speaking with him – a philosophy that he works in accordance with every day:

“Together, we safely deliver.”

You might be wondering what grabbed our attention about this rather modest mantra, and we’ll tell you. It’s the fact that Petroserv clearly operates, as a whole, with this tune at the forefront of all projects. When a large organisation is able to maintain such focus on collaborative practices for collective success, you know you’ve hit on a very special company indeed. Malhas is an integral part of the executive members that are collectively steering the strategy – speaking about him, Petroserv were proud to reveal that;

“Tarek Malhas is a certified project management professional with two engineering degrees and 24 years-experience in oil and gas, throughout ten countries across five continents: Middle East, Europe, U.S.A, North Africa and Australia. The company embraced executive restructuring in 2016 and Tarek came on board to take over the management and further development of the Oil & Gas Business Unit.”

Whilst a striking track record, nothing speaks more eloquently than proven leadership, which Malhas has in droves. He is well versed in drawing out the best in his team through “vision, communication, inspiration and teamwork. Amongst all, remaining positive in negative circumstances and turning them into opportunities.”

In terms of what Malhas has added to Petroserv’s Oil & Gas Business Unit, it is vital to first understand exactly what the company does. In a nutshell, we are looking at a fully specialised operation that is able to service a wide range of clients with high level engineering, procurement, fabrication, installation and construction across various divisions; civil, infrastructure, and oil & gas. Malhas was quick to point out some more impressive credentials of this fast-moving operation;

“Petroserv limited is ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 certified, while being a wholly owned Qatari company and one of the leading EPIC contractors in the State of Qatar. Founded back in 1978, Petroserv has proven track record with a large variety of Qatari and international clients including: Qatar Petroleum (QP), , QAFCO, QAFAC, QALCO, Qatalum, QCHEM, RLOC, WOQOD, QVC, , Qatar Steel, Qatar Gas, Qatar Armed Forces, Ashghal (Public Works Authority), Kahramaa (Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation), Private Engineering Office (PEO), , Siemens, , CCIC, Saipem, Hyundai and Iberdrola.”

There’s certainly no debating these credentials, but qualified or not, managing work from a range of international companies comes with its challenges. How does Petroserv manage this vast range of work? The answer is simple; in addition to the multiple divisions offering a spectrum of services, Petroserv is part of the Aperture Group Management, which houses under its umbrella other thriving companies such as the Spanish ECISA and Harinsa, Road Bridge, Bothar, Quanto Bello, TDGISERV, Petroserv International, Delta Corporation, Oriental Trading Co., Petroserv LTD Trading Division, Petroserv Controls & Communications, Qatar Lubricants Company LTD (QALCO) and Q-Air Global, all delivering in harmonised sync and synergy as a global operation far beyond Qatar. Perhaps this is why, like the many other resilient Qatari companies we have spoken with, Petroserv seem optimistic and un-phased by the challenges of the gruelling times in the region and the circumstances in Qatar.

“Let us start by quoting that the year 2017 is characterized by Deloitte as “the slow road back”. “The Qatar Ministry of Development, Planning and Statistics (MDPS) expects that 2017 will remain healthy at 3.8% economic growth and that stalled projects are seeing light”. On a positive note, Qatar continues its growth rate with plans of increasing hydrocarbon sales and thus offering a wide range of prospects to contractors and service providers.”

“The Qatar market is competitive and, as accustomed, survival is for the fittest, but at no doubt; our pencil is always sharpened to maintain a feasible edge. Challenges are always there, especially as we work in an environment of EPC design engineering, procurement and construction where scope may creep and project delay costs could mount up. As for obstacles, we as a group of companies endeavour to turn them into opportunities by thinking outside the box, finding alternative solutions, diversifying our portfolio and maintaining good relationships with the financial institutions that support our operations.”

It seems like such a simple solution, to tackle challenging market conditions with positivity and amiable professionalism, but this is one of the approaches that makes Petroserv and its group so different and appealing. That, and an absolute commitment to serving up the very best and highest quality of work possible;

“At Petroserv Limited, our success is strongly attributed to the quality of the services we provide and the level of client satisfaction being achieved. Our prime purpose is to supply, deliver and manage projects with quality and timely completion, whilst causing zero harm to anyone, any assets or the environment. We are geared up for the future prospects the industry will unfold.”

‘Geared up’ is right, as with a dedicated team of 3500 staff in place, along with its track record and experience, Petroserv is well placed to handle any future challenges – but it isn’t simply waiting for them to happen. Instead, this forward-thinking company is consistently investing in the people that directly contribute to the continued stewardship of the impeccable company reputation;

“Petroserv promotes from within, as well as acquiring experienced talents from the industry. Structured training is available to employees through external specialised consultants, as well internally through hands on experience in the field.”

As a widely respected global operation, it is not surprising that Petroserv have a host of exciting new projects on the horizon. Malhas was excited to discuss some of the more interesting developments;

“Petroserv, as a licenced holder for LPG /SNG systems, has recently signed a memorandum of understanding with National Gas of Oman (NGC) to mutually develop in Qatar the business of LPG/SNG. The focus of this agreement is mainly on conversion projects substituting diesel running facilities with LPG/SNG, building LPG / SNG networks and projects as well as maintenance & asset management of existing LPG installations.

“Also, in collaboration with a partner from South Africa, M/s Enserve, Petroserv has formed a comprehensive environmental management service that includes a fugitive emission monitoring and control program using infrared technology, designed specifically to monitor, control and reduce volatile organic compound emissions.”

On a further note, Petroserv continues to enhance its project backlog by tendering assertively into new projects including, but not limited to, venturing into the Operation / Maintenances and Assets Management arenas. Add in a clear desire to diversify the interests of the company as much as possible, and you have one thing; a recipe for future success.

With Malhas at the leading front of the of Oil & Gas Business Unit, as well as other sharp executives in the other business units along with the direction of the Managing Director Mr. Barry Miles, it’s little wonder that Petroserv is the upstanding operation that it is and more than that, a guiding force for competitors, as to the necessary standards they have to meet in keeping up.

This is one group that we look forward to keeping an eye on, as something tells us that while the first 40 years of operation has been nothing but a success story, the next 40 will be even greater.