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Rothco: Practically perfect

In matters of engineering and design, the devil truly is in the details. If an element is out of place when engineering, the entire creation will not work, and the same can be said of every step of the design stage. Manufacturing involves many expenses and processes before the product can exist, and with this sort of high effort, high risk operation, it is important to know that the end result will come out as it was designed to, and that this design was flawless.

Based in South Africa, Rothco Ltd. protect manufacturing endeavours by working with their clients from conception to completion. They work to make dreams a reality, creating how to engineer this reality and then seeing this through into physicality. In their own words; “Driven by an endless quest for perfection, Rothco supplies high quality products and expert services to the manufacturing industry. Using our innovative ideas and dependable expertise, our mission is to help our customers become even more creative and efficient at what they do.”

“Our solutions flow through every single facet of the manufacturing business, from helping and stimulating to rapid and effective prototyping and a multitude of manufacturing options.” South African history is filled with inspiration, determination, and the ability to make dreams happen. From dramatic political achievements to the country’s investment in encouraging its industry sectors for the empowerment of its people; Rothco embodies the spirit of its country, offering innovative support to its clients whilst remaining always approachable and warm as an entity.

With a solid history behind them, Rothco’s services are in-depth, varied and reliable: “We believe in offering our clients the peace of mind of knowing that their entire manufacturing process has been minutely examined and tested, putting our quality solutions and depth of knowledge to work in designing the best solution…Whether through machining, tooling or specialised services, we provide our customers with the solutions to revolutionize their business, all delivered with cutting-edge knowledge and a sure certainty borne through decades of experience.”

These sixty-plus years of experience began in 1952, when Mr. Edwin Roth founded Edwin Roth & Co. When they set out, the company specialised in servicing copy lathes from Switzerland, but they soon began to expand and diversify, until they became the multi-talented company they are today. As computers became increasingly utilised in manufacturing, they added CNC machinery to their line-up. They expanded further by investing in importing specialist machines, becoming the sole importer of in-demand design technologies from the USA. Eventually, so many branches of diversification had evolved that the company needed to streamline them under one group name – hence, in 2013, Rothco Ltd was born.

Today, Rothco stand as the oldest machine tool company in South Africa. However, they now consider themselves as much more than that: “Leaving behind our past as a brilliant machine tool company, Rothco has evolved into something even better; a manufacturing production and solutions provider with the insight and knowledge to evaluate our clients’ entire processes and advise on optimum, comprehensive solution.” Their ambition has kept the company growing and perfecting throughout the years, making it a priority to level let the growing quantity of the services they offer come at the expense of quality: “Rothco’s vision is to never be satisfied with anything except a job done to the very utmost of our ability, tuned and perfected until we are content that there is simply no room left for improvement. In our meticulous little world there is no room for the merely brilliant – everything we do has to take it one step further. We’re setting a brand-new standard for service in the industry – one where not only is the mediocre not an option, but neither is the merely outstanding. Rothco strives for nothing less than perfection.”

Whilst a commendable ambition, Rothco’s dedication to perfection raises questions, such as what will be sacrificed in favour of meeting this high standard? However, the company boast a customer-centric perspective, with cost and timely completion both priorities to ensure that their clients’ needs are reliably met. Is it the staff, then, who must carry the burden of the company’s exacting standards? In actuality, Rothco go out of their way to protect, encourage and empower their staff, knowing that each member of the team is an essential part of their success: “Our people are key to what we do and are carefully selected not only for their skills and knowledge, which we augment with constant training and development, but for how well they match our company vision. At Rothco we are all perfectionists and our dedication to service is legendary. Through our passion for innovation, we are able to reinvent our clients’ production processes, allowing them to benefit from technological or workflow improvements without needing to keep their finger endlessly on the pulse of industry.”

This passion keeps Rothco forever up to date with current technology, enabling them to achieve the high quality they strive for efficiently and cost-effectively, thus protecting their clients and delivering to them on time. “While we are constantly on the lookout for the latest advancements in technology, it is through our people that we are able to harness this technology and channel it to the optimum benefit of our clients.” Rothco keep ahead of technology through fostering strong relationships with a network of manufacturing technology suppliers. “Making technology available to those who need it most, we put our creative skills to use in implementing and tailoring technological solutions to ensure that our clients’ most detailed needs are met.”

Rothco’s passion certainly seems tireless, and this drive is paying off both for them and their clients. Their focus on innovation has seen them make impressive strides in rapid 3D prototyping, vastly enhancing the design process both in speed and accuracy – one of many areas in which their energy and enthusiasm is pushing them forwards. This is good news for their clients and, Rothco believe, South African as a whole. “We believe that, through our mission of making the brilliant even better, we will leave a legacy of quality in the manufacturing processes industry.” This is no humble vision, but for a company that forgives nothing but the best, it is one to be taken seriously in the years to come.