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Speed, Seatbelts and Safety: Road Rules To Remember

Hopping in your car and cruising freely down the highway is a liberating feeling. Owning a car is something many of you will take for granted and even know you need it to carry out your daily routine. Your car gets you to work every day, it picks your children up from school and it takes you on weekend trips with your family and friends. Many of us don’t realize that we might be unintentionally breaking the law on the road. From car seat regulations to alcohol consumption; you need to learn how to remain safe and sensible on the road. It is easy to forget new laws that come into place, especially if you have had your licence for many years. Get up to speed with road safety and keep yourself, your family and friends completely safe when they are in your car.

Mishaps and Misfortunes

Accidents and incidents are inevitably going to happen on the roads. All it takes is one negligent or inexperienced driver to make an incorrect manoeuvre and it can have a huge knock on effect on the other cars on the road. No matter how safe you think you are as a driver, you do not want to be that person who causes a collision. Being a reliable driver means that you are not only conscious of your own vehicle, but you are even more aware of the cars around you. You can’t always trust the drivers around you so always be mindful of the potential dangers ahead of you. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, you may need to seek out a reputable lawyer to represent you. Websites such as this, will assist you in seeking out the best representation for your case. Be sure that you are fully insured before setting off on the roads and get all the details from the other party if you are involved in a crash. Cover your back and always seek guidance from a professional who will be able to assist you.

New Car Novelties

Getting a new car can be an exciting prospect for many of you, but a brand spanking automobile comes with a handful of dangers and hazards you need to be aware of. If you have bought a second hand vehicle you may want to take it to a local garage to get it checked over before setting off on a long journey. Your brake pads, tires and power steering need to be thoroughly examined to make sure they’re safe and compliant. Transferring your insurance over to your new car registration is often a task which can be put to the back of many people’s minds; it is a mundane and often time consuming job that everybody hates, but it is really important to keep the details up to date.


Family Friendly

If you often drive with youngsters in the back of your car you might think you are fully aware of how to keep them safe and sound when you’re on the roads. The laws with children’s car seats are a much debated topic, but are of fundamental importance to you as the driver. You are responsible for keeping everybody in your car safe when you’re behind the wheel so you need to check everybody is buckled up before stepping your foot down on the gas. Be sure that your kid’s car seat follows the child passenger regulations for your area. If you fail to follow the law you will face a penalty on your licence or a hefty fee of up to 500 dollars.

Smart Socializing

Heading out to a local bar to meet your friends can seem like a habitual social activity that you carry out each week. Even if you claim to be the designated driver for your night out, you might want to steer clear from alcohol altogether instead of indulging in just one drink. You will be over the limit to drive a vehicle if you consume more than 80mg of alcohol and you face DUI penalty if you are caught driving under these circumstances. Don’t take the risk when it comes to drinking and driving, stick with lemonade if you’re in charge of the keys for the night.

Learn your rights when it comes to accidents on the road and make sure you’re fully covered with a reputable insurance company. Double check your child’s car seat and make sure it is suitable for their age, height and weight. Switch off your mobile phone as soon as you hit the road and don’t take the risk of consuming one too many alcoholic beverages. You are fully in control of your own car, so make sure you take responsibility for every action you are taking both inside and out.