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What A Car Says About You!


Regardless of whether you choose your car because you want people to perceive you a specific way, or whether you’re more concerned about its price and function – whatever you end up driving can release a certain aura about you, and people will be quick to pick up the message it’s sending out, leaving you with a label.

Some of you may not care, because what you drive is for you and no one else, but some of you may be a little curious as to how you’ve been branded.

It’s very easy to associate different types of cars, to different types of people, even if it’s by accident. Remember though, that the perception we have of a car is greatly based on how it has been marketed, and the adverts we see on tv. But because of this, it’s hard to figure out whether we buy a car because of what we believe we’ll gain from having it – like popularity and success. Or if it’s just because we genuinely like the look of it, and want the features that it gives us.

So what exactly does your car say about you? And does it all really matter anyway?

The Small Car

People that drive small cars seem to be more environmentally friendly, taking pride in the fact that they aren’t consuming as much. These suit people that live in busy cities and neighbourhoods, because trying to find a parking space is a lot easier the smaller your car is, while not having to burn off excess fuel to get around because most of them are fuel efficient.

Small car drivers seem not to be concerned about their popularity or wealth; they’re just happy with what they have and don’t feel any need to show off or be the centre of attention. They are more laid back and take things easy. They are more concerned about lessening the impact they have on the earth with their reliable little car (that fits into the smallest spaces.)

The Mid-Sized Car

Although the word boring doesn’t sound very nice as a descriptive word – studies have shown that people that drive this kind of car seem to have no desire to go on adventures, travel, or have any major desires. So is boring the right word? Or perhaps pragmatic. Owners of this car tend to be sensible females, the typical homemaker who earns a decent income, but yet doesn’t feel the need to show it off in the vehicle they drive. Driving a sedan, for example, are a solid brand of car that does the job. You may find that people get together that drive this type of vehicle, because they feel part of something, and aren’t open to change. So you can expect to have this car for at least ten years without having a wandering eye.

The Luxury Car    

Anyone that drives a car of luxury, is most likely a status seeker. They take pride in their overall appearance, from the car they drive, to the shoes they wear. It’s common to work for a high profiled business, whether it be their own, or they’re a partner of one. They tend to drive long distances because the car is adapt and able to drive far without complaining or getting tired. Most drivers tend to be rather academic and highly educated, which is why they are earning a higher income than average. Take the Subaru Impreza; these are paired with a high achiever who works hard, and plays harder, while having a reliable car that looks just as good as they do.

The Sports Car

It’s very often that someone that owns a sports car is always after the next best adventure. They tend to be thrill seekers, regardless of whether they ever get out of the car or not. But there’s no need to when you have a sports car to drive. Impulsive personalities fit with these types of drivers, as calm traits aren’t attracted to this type of car. Although sports cars as usually pretty pricey, the person buying doesn’t usually have an exceptionally high income – merely a drive to succeed and get what they want. Sports cars are paired with the younger generation, as they crave the faster things. They buy a flashy toy to appear as though they have it all, even if they don’t.


The older generation drive SUVs. Usually someone that has a large family of their own, with a large household. They usually have a nice income which makes them able to afford what they need to live comfortably. They don’t often care about how they are seen; they are more focused on reliability and efficiency. When you have a big family, you need a bigger space.

The Minivan/Van

Drivers that have this sort of vehicle usually have a lot of friends, as why would you need that much space for yourself? They tend to be free and open, maybe a little bohemian at times. They often go on unplanned road trips because, they can. They are either younger and enjoy discovering new areas with their pals, or have a family of their own and go on camping trips with their children.

The Pickup

Pick up truck drivers tend to be male workaholics that move from one job to the next, always chasing cash, but yet don’t have a lot of income coming in. They may have a lower education than others, but are pretty good with their hands, so a lot of them are builders doing some form of manual labour.

So now you have an idea about the kind of messages that are put out based on the type of car that is driven. Now, of course, none of this really means anything, because a rich man could easily own an SUV or a pickup truck – because they like them, and don’t care about what anyone else thinks. So just do you. If you want a small car, a big car, or a minivan – do it. It’s your money, your appearance, and your vehicle.