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Organise Your Office For Success


Spring is here, and this is the perfect opportunity to make a fresh start and have a bit of a clean up in the home and in the office. Whether you work in your spare room at home or in an office building with a full team, it is important to keep the office clean, tidy and organised if you want to stay productive during the day.

A clean office can make a massive difference to your productivity as well as your mood throughout the working week, so you will always want to make sure you keep it in tip top condition. It is understandable when you are busy during the week that paperwork can pile up on your desk from different projects, and this can make things very hard in the mornings when you have to dig through the pile for what you need. If you are in need of an organised office space, here are some tips for you.

Purge it

The first thing you will want to do in the office is to have a clear out. You can’t expect to start organising a space if you have a ton of clutter which needs to be thrown away. You must be able to clear out any papers which you no longer need, get rid of those empty pens you’ve been hoarding in the top drawer and put that pile of rubber bands away.

Create a space for incoming items

Every office will have different items coming in every so often to add to the space. It could be your coat and gym bag, important papers or even product samples. The key to not letting this stuff clutter your space is creating a specific area for them to go right away. You don’t necessarily have to put things straight in your warehouse, although you could do with these Top 5 tips for warehouse design to make sure this stays organised too. Think of where each product could go when it enters the building. Product samples could go in the cupboard, orders can go in your warehouse, paperwork can go in a tray on your desk to be sorted later and your gym bag can go in a space by the door. Everything needs its own place and this way you will stay organised. Clear your desktop

One of the most problematic areas of the office is usually your desk space. When it comes to our own desks we can sometime let things get out of hand and this can lead us to having a lot of rubbish in our desks which we simply don’t need. To organise your desk you will first want to start with physical objects on the desk which can be put away in drawers. For example if you have a hole punch, stapler and pens on the desk you can put them away and this clears up space on your desk immediately. When it comes to paperwork, you need to invest in a couple of files to put all paper in, and these files can either go on the shelf above your desk or in a drawer. This organises the space and will also clear your head to allow you to think.