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Click What You Think

How much is your opinion worth?

It’s precisely this question that technology is keen to answer, because – believe it or not — your opinion online is worth a lot. Away from the blogging experience, which has been around since the late 1990s, online opinions are now part of your everyday life. In fact, the digital world has gone completely user-centric, putting people’s views, behaviors and preferences as key data for the constant improvements of networks, businesses and other institutions. While it is a little too early to claim that everyone needs an online presence to be seen thinking, or even to create a thinking process – ”I digital, therefore I am”, as René Descartes would now call it – there’s no denying that the digital technology has enabled opinions and personal views to travel faster and further than ever before.

Your online preferences display who you are

Social media networks build new community behaviors

Social media users from all backgrounds and locations can create new content in real time. As a result, it’s easy to understand why social media platforms are so popular, as they offer a public space for everyone to express their personality. As you share your posts online, you join a community of like-minded content posters. Networks such as Instagram or Facebook have embraced this creativity and let users maximize their own content. But it’s only since the apparition of Yubl, the latest social media platform, that user-generated content has finally gained a new status. Yubl enables users to start with a blank canvas where interactions, preferences, stickers, videos, photos and texts can be added to generate a personal and interactive type of content. Finally, your opinion becomes the main and only content available.

A click to give my opinion

Users don’t even need to spell it out anymore when they want to share their opinion. The use of modern technology lets them share their thoughts through a click. That’s precisely what online survey centers have chosen to bank on to generate in-depth demographic reports within their communities. But where a click can guide a brand to pick the best go-to-market strategy, another click can transform the future of a country through online voting systems. That’s what tech expert, Smartmatic, noticed as they supported the latest online voting solution for Estonia. E-voters, as they are sometimes called, need no more than a few seconds to decide on the ruler of their country.  

Even when you don’t speak people know what you think

Can your opinions only be shared through content generation or clicks? In reality, there’s a further step in the creation of online awareness, and it’s data collecting tools. Using tools such as Google Analytics, it is possible for analysts to define your preferences as a buyer. Data monitoring solutions can find out where you live, where and what you shop, as well as some of main interests and hobbies. Similarly, artificial intelligence technology has driven revolutionary transformation in digital interactions and behaviors, letting solutions such as Alexa, mold their real-time response to best capture your needs and moods.

In the end, it’s fair to ask in an environment where users share so much about themselves online, whether we are still creating the digital space we need, or whether AI is now creating this space for us.